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General Adus
General Adus
Location(s) The Refinery
Quest(s) Recurring Nightmare
Damage Lightning Damage
Resistance(s) Resists Elemental Damage
Resists Chaos Damage
Skill(s) Earthquake
Living Bomb

General Adus is a unique monster located in The Refinery in Act 9.



Adus was mentioned in the book 1 of The Purity Chronicles as "Commander Adus of Highgate", which was one of the warriors under The High Templar Voll in the Purity Rebellion against Emperor Chitus and his Eternal Empire.

General Adus is also mentioned in Lady Dialla's (which was one of the mistresses of Chitus, and later given to Malachai) quest dialogue The Eternal Nightmare quest icon.png The Eternal Nightmare, [1] which she said: "...My Malachai did the crafting. Beautiful work. General Adus did the murdering..."

Finally, General Adus was mentioned as an eternal commander of the Highgate Legion. He was the slavemaster of Karui, Maraketh and Ezomyte slaves, forced the slaves to dig gems.[2]

It is not sure the actual chronology of the historical events.

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