Gluttonous Gull

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Gluttonous Gull
Gluttonous Gull
Level(s) 6
Location(s) The Ledge
Resistance(s) Cold
Modifier(s) Far Shot
Skill(s) Consumes Corpses, Vomits Corpses

Gluttonous Gull is a type of Birdman that appears as a guest monster in the Ledge, as well as in map by random.

It can be normal/magic/rare rarity.


  • Resists Cold (in map only)
  • Consumes Corpses
  • Vomits Corpses
  • Far Shot


Monster stats

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Note that the damage is for default attack only. The area level and the difficulty can be changed to "endgame" and the map area level, to match the in-game appearance of Gluttonous Gull in map.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.