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Tip: You can directly craft items from within your Stash when you are in the Sacred Grove, by using the Horticrafting Stash button.png Stash button on the bottom of the Horticrafting interface.

This guide shows you how to use Harvest crafting in maps, and how to unlock the Horticrafting Station.

Step Image Name
1 The Sacred Grove.png Players can explore maps to randomly find entrances to the The Sacred Grove.

They are more common in Haewark Hamlet and Lex Proxima maps if the appropriate Atlas skill tree passives are selected.

2 The Sacred Grove selection.png Once players enter the Sacred Grove, they will be presented with options of pre-created gardens.

Players can then select a garden which begins the combat phase.

3 Item extracter.png After players defeat the harvested monsters, their essences are captured and players are presented with an item extracter.

Clicking the item extracter opens the Horticrafting interface.

4 Horticrafting interface.png The Horticrafting interface allows players to:
  • Place an item into a socket for crafting
  • Use Horticrafting crafts on the item
  • Store Horticrafting crafts into their Horticrafting Station for later use (using the Horticrafting Send to Station.png button)
  • Access the player's stash directly to craft items inside the stash (using the Horticrafting Stash button.png button)
5 Horticrafting Station.png Players can then add a Horticrafting Station to their hideout.
6 Horticrafting Station interface.png Players can use the stored crafts at a later time using the Horticrafting Station in their hideout, on any item of their choice.