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Hall of Legends
Min. Level68
ArchitectOpiloti, Architect of Strife
Contains a Timeless Monolith that will reveal two Generals.
Each Legion contains a War Hoard
Each Legion is accompanied by a General
Their names outlast the crumbling past.

Careful Exile...Something unseen still dwells here.


Hall of Legends is a level 3 incursion room. It is upgraded from Hall of Heroes, itself upgraded from Hall of Mettle.

Unlike other level 3 incursion room, Alva does not have a dialogue when entered the room.

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Hall of Mettle, Hall of Heroes, and Hall of Legends are now only available in Incursion Temples whose temporal exploration began in level 68 and above areas.
  • With the Legion league being so well-received, we've added Legion to the core game as a new possible Incursion room, with each tier increasing the potential value of the Legion encounter in the eventual Temple of Atzoatl.