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This page is about the game mechanic. For other uses, see Harvest (disambiguation).

Harvest is a league mechanic where the player fights monsters in The Sacred Grove to access various Harvest crafting options that they provide. It was originally introduced in the Harvest league (version 3.11.0), then removed from the game after that league and reintroduced in the version 3.13.0 (Echoes of the Atlas expansion) in a significantly modified form. It was further modified (nerfed) in version 3.14.0.

This page discusses the current iteration of the Harvest mechanic - see the Harvest league page for a discussion of the mechanic as it was originally introduced.

The Sacred Grove

Main page: The Sacred Grove

A portal to The Sacred Grove.

Maps have a chance to contain a portal to The Sacred Grove. Each Sacred Grove instance contains several Lifeforce Dispersers, which are each attached to two patches of seeds. Each seed patch shows a list of consumable Harvest crafts that can be obtained from the patch. Players can choose which patch to activate - when a patch is chosen, the other patch attached to the Lifeforce Disperser withers, and monsters spawn from the activated patch. When these monsters are defeated, the Harvest crafts for the chosen patch become available for use at the Lifeforce Disperser.

Crafts can be used from The Sacred Grove on items in the player's inventory or on items in the player's stash. They can also be sent to the Horticrafting Station for storage (up to a limit).

See Harvest crafting quick guide for a visual walkthrough of a Harvest encounter.

The Sacred Grove is part of the map instance it is entered from, which means map modifiers apply within the Grove as well.

Player can access alternative version of the area by using a Sacred BlossomSacred BlossomIt isn't the twisted transformative power of corruption that makes it so dangerous.
It is its ability to hide in plain sight.
Open a portal to the Sacred Grove by using this item in a personal Map Device. Can only be used once.
. The item would open the boss fight version of The Sacred Grove.

Harvest crafts

Main page: Harvest crafting

Atlas Passives

There are various Atlas Passives that affect Harvest:

In Haewark Hamlet:

  • The Grove's Call: Areas have +10% chance to contain The Sacred Grove.
  • Bumper Crop: The Sacred Grove in Areas contains an additional Harvest.
  • Heart of the Grove: Harvest Bosses in Areas always drop a Sacred Blossom. Harvests in Areas have 10% chance for the unchosen Crop to not wilt.


The Harvest map mechanic has 3 bosses that originated from the Tier 4 plants of the Harvest league mechanic: Janaar, the Omen, Namharim, Born of Night and Ersi, Mother of Thorns. They now spawn with a very low chance as part of seed patches in The Sacred Grove. Their plants are large and visually distinctive, but it is possible to 'lose' their encounter by choosing the other seed patch, causing the T4 plant to wither.

The T4 bosses have a chance to drop a Sacred BlossomSacred BlossomIt isn't the twisted transformative power of corruption that makes it so dangerous.
It is its ability to hide in plain sight.
Open a portal to the Sacred Grove by using this item in a personal Map Device. Can only be used once.
(the chance becomes 100% in Lex Proxima with the Heart of the Grove Atlas passive skill), which is a map fragment item that allows a player to access the ultimate Harvest boss: Oshabi, Avatar of the Grove (same Oshabi as the NPC of the Harvest mechanic introductory quest).

Version history

Version Changes
  • Harvest was deemed to be far too rewarding and has been adjusted in various ways, with a Balance Manifesto ( published on the subject.
  • Increased the chance for Map Areas to contain The Sacred Grove by 60%. The chance to encounter a Zana mission requiring you to complete a Harvest encounter has also been increased by the same amount.
  • The Sacred Grove now contains a minimum of three pairs of plots that can be harvested from.
  • The Heart of the Grove encounter will no longer appear in place of a normal Harvest encounter. Instead, it can now be accessed through a Sacred Blossom map fragment that sometimes drops from Tier 4 Harvest bosses.
  • Completing the Heart of the Grove encounter for the first time now unlocks 5 extra Horticrafting Station crafting slots, allowing you to store up to a maximum of 15 crafting options.
  • Crafts are no longer guaranteed from seeds.
  • Now, seeds of Tiers 1, 2 and 3 each have a chance to provide a craft, with Tier 4 seeds still guaranteeing a craft.
  • The number of Tier 2 and 3 seeds encountered in Harvest Plots has remained unchanged, so the encounters will remain as challenging as they were before.
  • Some crafts that had overly-deterministic behaviour have been removed:
    • Most Annulment-type crafts (crafts that removed a modifier of a specific type)
    • All type-specific Divine crafts (crafts that rerolled the value of specific modifiers).
  • Type-specific Exalted crafts (crafts that augmented modifiers of specific types to items) can now only be applied to non-influenced items. This does not apply to the existing modifier which applies an Influenced modifier to an already Influenced item.
  • Crafts that added random Atlas Influences to certain types of non-Influenced items have been removed. In their place, crafts that randomise the existing Influence on an item while also reforging it with new modifiers have been added.
  • Rebalanced the weightings of seeds so that you're seeing type-specific crafts at a more equal rate (for example Cold, Fire and Lightning).
  • The weightings of crafts have also been rebalanced so that the more powerful crafts such as the Exalted-type crafts are now rarer.
  • Weaker crafts such as "Set an item to three sockets" have also been removed, making the higher tier versions of these crafts more common.
  • Harvest has been added to the core game and has been vastly reworked. It no longer contains a garden-building component, nor a permanent garden of your own. Instead, you now have a chance to discover a portal to an established Sacred Grove in maps, which contains several different harvestable plots.
  • Each plot is presented as a pair of options. Harvesting one plot destroys the other, so choose carefully. Like previously, harvesting will cause monsters to emerge, and upon defeating the monsters you'll be able to craft your items at the Lifeforce Collector.
  • Once you have completed your first Harvest, you will be given a Horticrafting Station which can store up to 10 crafting options. You'll be able to place a copy of the Horticrafting Station in your hideout, meaning you don't have to do all your crafting in the Sacred Grove.
  • On very rare occasions, you'll be able to harvest the Heart of the Grove and fight the Avatar of the Grove.
  • The Tier 3 Seed modifier that originally doubled Lifeforce from a harvest (from the Primal Reborn monster) now instead causes crafting options to be Lucky (they will roll outcomes twice and select the rarest outcome).
  • Harvest characters will soon be migrated to their respective parent leagues. The Sacred Grove and its contents have been removed. Harvest Infrastructure and Seeds outside of The Sacred Grove will be removed at a later date.
  • Added highlighting to key words in Harvest crafting descriptions.
  • Seed Caches in maps now drop more seeds than before, scaling up per map tier so that you'll get double the number of seeds dropped from a Tier 16 map.
  • Weightings of crafting outcomes have been fixed and improved. Due to an error, many seed types couldn't spawn certain rare crafting outcomes before level 80. The combination of these changes and the increased seed drops will result in seeing the rare outcomes more frequently than before, especially in higher-tier maps.
  • The difference in rarity of Tier 2 and Tier 3 seeds has been flattened, so you'll see the rarer Tier 2 and Tier 3 seed types more often now. Their drop chance from Tier 1 monsters has not been changed, meaning the increased Tier 1 seed drops from higher-tier maps will result in more Tier 2 seeds, and by extension Tier 3.
  • Recently-hatched monsters are now resistant to damage. This will prevent you instantly destroying them with abilities you have prepared before the start of the encounter. This is now consistent with our other league mechanics that give you time to prepare.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to fight the Heart of the Grove encounter multiple times from a single harvestable tree.
  • Fixed some Harvest crafting options that either crashed or didn't work.
  • Introduced to the game.