Heretical Guardian

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Heretical Guardian
Location(s) The Ruined Square
The Torched Courts
The Cathedral Rooftop
The Cathedral Rooftop
The Canals
The Feeding Trough
Damage 125%
Resistance(s) Elemental Damage
Modifier(s) 188% HP

Heretical Guardians are Kitava-corrupted Temple Guardians that can be found in Oriath after defeating High Templar Avarius in Act 5. Their stats are identical to their previous forms.


  • Default Attack
  • Spectral Throw, deals 57% damage - equivalent to level -23 skill. Has 20% increased projectile speed
  • Proximity Shield
  • Resists Elemental Damage



  • None


  • Extremely useful as a Spectre, as Proximity Shield blocks all damage from enemy hits so long as the enemy is not within the Shield. This can completely negate a large amount of damage and even nullify the danger of certain encounters or traps.
  • Proximity Shield is only used when no enemies are in melee range, or very close by. Convocation will generally cause the Guardian to use Proximity Shield.
  • Spectral Throw is only used when there is a single target that is not in melee range.