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Horticrafting StationHideout ItemCreates an object in your hideout0 VariationsHorticrafting Station inventory icon.pngMetadata
Item class: Hideout Doodads
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Hideout/HideoutHarvestCraftingBench

Horticrafting Station placed in a player's hideout

The Horticrafting Station is a hideout object that provides the Horticrafting (harvest crafting) ability. Same station can also be found in the Sacred Grove.

Players may store up to 10 harvest crafting recipes in the station, and may use those recipes at any time directly from their hideout. The storage limit can be increased from 10 to 15 by completing a Sacred BlossomSacred BlossomIt isn't the twisted transformative power of corruption that makes it so dangerous.
It is its ability to hide in plain sight.
Open a portal to the Sacred Grove by using this item in a personal Map Device. Can only be used once.

Note that some recipes can only use in The Sacred Grove, as the created items will drop to the ground. Thus this can only be used in The Sacred Grove, as hideout is disabled to drop item to the ground.


In order to unlock this hideout object, players need to run maps until an entrance to The Sacred Grove appears. Players then need to complete the grove encounter by finishing the The Sacred Grove quest icon.png The Sacred Grove quest. Then players can return to their hideout, and open the hideout customization interface and add the Horticrafting Station.


Horticrafting Station interface (differs from the Horticrafting interface in the Sacred Grove)

Unlike a regular Crafting Bench which allows unlimited usage of unlocked crafting options, the Horticrafting Station can store only 10 one-time use recipe. The same recipe can be added to the station multiple times, if it is available in the grove.

From the bench interface, players can:

  • Place an item into a socket for crafting
  • Use stored harvest crafting recipe on the item, consuming the recipe. Players get only one try to use each recipe.
  • Delete stored harvest crafting recipes, freeing up space to store other recipes

Version history

Version Changes
  • Completing the Heart of the Grove encounter for the first time now unlocks 5 extra Horticrafting Station crafting slots, allowing you to store up to a maximum of 15 crafting options.
  • Harvest has been added to the core game and has been vastly reworked. It no longer contains a garden-building component, nor a permanent garden of your own. Instead, you now have a chance to discover a portal to an established Sacred Grove in maps, which contains several different harvestable plots.
  • (Not documented in patch note) Horticrafting Station is moved to hideout as an interactable hideout object/decoration.
  • Harvest characters will soon be migrated to their respective parent leagues. The Sacred Grove and its contents have been removed. Harvest Infrastructure and Seeds outside of The Sacred Grove will be removed at a later date.
  • Introduced to the game.