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Items in Path of Exile are used to represent not just a character's equipment but a variety of other game features. Items can be moved around between locations using the mouse cursor, including the inventory, worn items, stashes, and others, as well as on the ground. Not all types of items can be moved to all item locations. Different item types take a different amount of space in grid based item locations such as inventory and stashes.

Depending on their type, items can have attributes such as rarity, quality, item affixes and item level.

Equipment[ | ]

Main page: Equipment

Equipment categories includes armour, weapons, accessories, jewels and flasks. Rarity is indicated by text colour (normal, magic, rare or unique).

Currency[ | ]

Main page: Currency

Currency items are used to modify other items, and are also used for trading or gained from vendors for selling equipment. They have a light brown text colour by default.

Divination cards[ | ]

Main page: Divination card

Sets of Divination cards can be exchanged for a certain item, and have specific drop locations. They have a light-cyan text colour by default.

Quest items[ | ]

Main page: Quest items

Quest items are found on the ground like other items, or given as rewards for completing quests. They cannot be placed anywhere but in inventory or back on the ground. By default they have a bright green text colour.

Gems[ | ]

Main page: Skill gem

Skills in Path of Exile are granted by gems which are treated as regular items. The skill can only be used when the appropriate gem is socketed in an equipment item being worn by the character. Skill gems, by default, appear in blue-green text when on the ground.

Prophecies[ | ]

Main page: Prophecies

Prophecies can be sealed by Navali to make them tradeable. When sealed, they are treated like other items, and can be added to the player's prophecy screen by right-clicking it. By default, sealed prophecies have a purple text when on the ground.

Microtransactions[ | ]

Microtransactions uses a separate cosmetic tab for managing them and applies to the whole character instead of on specific items.

Decorations[ | ]

Hideout decorations and crafting benches, when not in use in a hideout, appear as items in a hideout tab. They can be right clicked from this screen to add them to a hideout.

Summary[ | ]

Item Type Dimensions Quality Default colour Locations stored Equipped in slots Dropped Vendored/traded
Currency Currency 1×1
light brown Inv, Stash
1h weapons Equipment 1×3, 1×4, 2×3
by rarity Inv, Stash Weapon, offhand, alt. weapon, alt. offhand slots
2h weapons Equipment 2×4
by rarity Inv, Stash Both weapons slots or both alternate weapon slots
Chest armour Equipment 2×3
by rarity Inv, Stash Chest armour
Helms Equipment 2×2
by rarity Inv, Stash Helm
Boots Equipment 2×2
by rarity Inv, Stash Boots
Gloves Equipment 2×2
by rarity Inv, Stash Gloves
Shields Equipment 2×2, 2×3, 2×4
by rarity Inv, Stash Offhand or alt. offhand
Rings Accessories 1×1
by rarity Inv, Stash Left ring or right ring
Amulets Accessories 1×1
by rarity Inv, Stash Amulet
Belts Accessories 2×1
by rarity Inv, Stash Belt
Quivers Accessories 2×3
by rarity Inv, Stash Offhand or alt. offhand
Flasks Flasks 1×2
by rarity Inv, Stash flask slots 1-5
Jewels Jewels 1×1
by rarity Inv, Stash Passive tree
Divination cards Divination cards 1×1
light-cyan Inv, Stash
Sealed prophecies Prophecies 1x1
purple Inv, stash Prophecy screen
Skill gems Skills gems 1×1
blue-green Inv, Stash Sockets in other equipment items
Skill books Quest items 2×2
green Inv
Other quest items Quest items 1×1 to 2×3
green Inv
Microtransactions Microtransactions N/A
N/A mtx stash
Decorations Decorations N/A
N/A hideout stash