Leo, Wolf of the Pits

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Leo, Wolf of the Pits
Leo, Wolf of the Pits
Level(s) 61 - 83
Resistance(s) ?% Fire
 ?% Cold
 ?% Lightning
 ?% Chaos
Modifier(s) 33% Less Curse Effectiveness
Cannot Be Fully Slowed
Immune To Knockback

Leo, Wolf of the Pits is one of the 18 Immortal Syndicate members.


You hear a lot of things when you spend enough time at one job. The sort of things someone like you might get some use out of. Only, there's is no bloody way I'm telling you anything if you're just going to slice me to bits.

Safehouse rewards

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Version history

Version Changes

Monster resistances throughout the game have been reviewed and made more consistent. In many cases this has resulted in more resistances on monsters.

  • Bosses which previously had 60% or 80% less effect of curses on them now have 33% or 66% less effect of curses on them respectively. This includes map bosses, Incursion architects, Betrayal targets, Breachlords, Shaper, Elder and others.
  • In 3.6.0, Jun is introduced in Highgate in Act 9.[1] Thus, Leo can be encountered from Act 9 onwards.