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Lieutenant of the Bow
Lieutenant of the Bow
Location(s) The Labyrinth
Damage Lightning damage
Resistance(s) Resists Lightning
Skill(s) Default Attack
Rain of Arrows
Split Arrow

Lieutenant of the Bow is one of the three lieutenants of Izaro. They served as side bosses. Note that the layout of The Lord's Labyrinth rotates daily, thus lieutenants may be absent in the boss room.

Can drop The FletcherThe Fletcher5Drillneck
Let these fine arrows pack a punch.
on merciless difficulty.[confirmation needed because of 3.0.0 change].

Monster stats

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The attack value is for the default attack only. Area level of the infobox can be changed to match in-game.


Version history

Version Changes
  • As part of the removal of Cruel and Merciless difficulties, many divination card locations and weightings have been adjusted.
  • Introduced to game

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