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For the datamined information, see List of bloodline mods.
Name Lvl. Effect(s)
Bearers of the Guardian 60 Every mob slowly builds an animated guardian that can't be killed until the entire pack has been cleared.
Corrupted Bloodline 1 When hit, applies Corrupted Blood to the attacker. Corrupted Blood is a debuff that inflicts physical damage over time and stacks up to 10 times.
Flame/Frost/Storm Bearers 1 On death, each monster starts a storm-call-like bomb of their element.
Flaring/Rime/Static Pulseblood 1 A beam pulses between the mobs in the pack, if you are hit by it, it deals damage of the element.
Heralds of the Obelisk 1 Each corpse leaves an unkillable Obelisk that casts a random lightning spell. The obelisks disappear once the entire pack is killed.
Keepers of the Trove 1 Each monster drops a rare item of the same type.
Legacy of Vigour 1 Each monster killed grants a Vigour charge to the rest of the pack, granting move speed and attack speed, similar to Frenzy charges, but stronger.
Legacy of Zeal 1 Each monster killed grants a Zeal charge to the rest of the pack, granting them more damage reduction and Damage.
Living Blood 1 When all the monsters die, a Congealing Blood or Congealing Mud elemental is summoned. These new monsters have different abilities depending on difficulty and level of zone.
Mark of Cannibalism 1 Monsters can regain health from each other's corpses.
Order of the Frozen Sky 61 Monsters use Icestorm.
Otherworldly 1 Monsters randomly cast a purple fog on them that lasts a couple of seconds, granting extra chaos damage and massive defenses.
Shared Boon 1 Monsters generate all types of charges on hit and share them with each other.
Shrouded 1 Monsters are surrounded by fog and information about the monster (affixes, type) is hidden.
Spirit Walkers 1 Each mob has an apparition (see Soul Conduit) of themselves, doubling the size of the pack. The appartions also grant experience when killed.
Union of Souls 1 When killed, passes a buff to all remaining mobs that increases size and gives them more life. (Possibly increases attack and defensive stats)
Voidspawn of Abaxoth 61 Summons a unique Beyond Demon when the entire pack is killed.