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Path of Exile Wiki
Name Monster rarity Effect(s)
Banishing Flame Normal/Magic
Cascading Storm Normal/Magic
Crushing Terror Normal/Magic
Diluting Touch Normal/Magic Diluting Touch debuff on hit
Eroding Touch Normal/Magic Eroding Touch debuff on hit
Paralysing Touch Normal/Magic Paralysing Touch debuff on hit
Putrify Dead Normal/Magic
Shatter Dead Normal/Magic
Spatial Distortion Normal/Magic
Spawn Dead Normal/Magic
Vengeful Blast Normal/Magic
Vengeful Bones Normal/Magic
Vengeful Chase Normal/Magic
Vengeful Gang Normal/Magic
Vengeful Grip Normal/Magic
Vengeful Pack Normal/Magic
Vengeful Skyfire Normal/Magic
Vengeful Soul Normal/Magic
Vengeful Stalker Normal/Magic
Wasting Touch Normal/Magic Wasting Touch debuff on hit
Winter Whorl Normal/Magic
Bolt Cross Rare/Unique
Burrowing Blade Rare/Unique
Conflagrating Path Rare/Unique
Crushing Leap Rare/Unique
Frozen Flume Rare/Unique
Glaciator Rare/Unique
Icicle Wreath Rare/Unique
Jagged Swell Rare/Unique
Ring of Fire Rare/Unique
Scatter Storm Rare/Unique
Scorched Earth Rare/Unique
Shockbomb Rare/Unique