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This is a list of divination cards which grant sealed prophecy items as reward. Other card lists: currency, gem, map, six-link, unique, other, all.

Effect(s)Drop AreasAdditional
Drop Restrictions
A Note in the WindA Note in the Wind4Song of the SekhemaThe artist is long dead,
the lyrics are long forgotten,
yet the Song of War longs to be sung again
4Song of the SekhemaThe OasisDesert Spring MapN/A
Akil's ProphecyAkil's Prophecy3Fated Unique ItemThe hatungo know many answers to the same question,
for time itself is a tangled web.
3Fated Unique ItemN/AN/A
Beauty Through DeathBeauty Through Death5Queen's SacrificeHer beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
5Queen's SacrificeN/AThe card drops from K'aj A'alai, one of the bosses of Vaal Temple MapVaal Temple MapMap Level: 83
Map Tier: 16
Guild Character: >
Voices. Visions. Violence. They will haunt these grounds for all of eternity.Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
FriendshipFriendship3A Master Seeks Help (Niko)"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames"

-Rumi of the Vaal
3A Master Seeks Help (Niko)N/AN/A
Immortal ResolveImmortal Resolve6Fated ConnectionsThe threads of fate are the strongest ties.6Fated ConnectionsCarcass MapVault MapN/A
Sambodhi's WisdomSambodhi's Wisdom3A Master Seeks Help (Jun)No blade subdues vice;
Guide offenders to virtue,
Unveil their lost sight.
3A Master Seeks Help (Jun)N/AN/A
The Iron BardThe Iron Bard9Trash to TreasureDo the simple words used
alone cause men to cheer?
One hundred others might
just as soon make a jeer.
Perchance it was the turn
of the tone in this bit.
See how their hearts shone once,
by my song, they were lit.
9Trash to TreasureThe Vinktar SquareN/A
The Jeweller's BoonThe Jeweller's Boon5The Jeweller's TouchThe jeweller's true talent is the capacity to see a jewel's beauty before they draw it out.5The Jeweller's TouchThe Crystal VeinsCrystal Ore MapN/A
The Mad KingThe Mad King7The King's PathFear the man who lusts for power, for he will do anything to get it.7The King's PathCaldera MapDark Forest MapLair MapReef MapThe Cursed King, Kaom, Daresso, King of Swords, Tsoagoth, The Brine King
The Side QuestThe Side Quest5A Master Seeks HelpYou'll never know the things you miss if you keep your eyes closed5A Master Seeks HelpVault MapN/A
The Valley of Steel BoxesThe Valley of Steel Boxes9Monstrous Treasure"The most valuable treasures should be hidden in plain sight."
- Ina, Keeper of Goods
9Monstrous TreasureN/AThe Valley of Steel Boxes can drop from strongboxes.
Vile PowerVile Power5Ancient DoomDread and danger
makes the air feel thin.
Above, power slumbers, tempting fate.
Greed and ambition
draws countless in,
For those who seek power
can never wait.
5Ancient DoomThe Rotting CoreCarcass MapCore MapPhantasmagoria MapToxic Sewer MapWaste Pool MapN/A