List of quest contracts

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This is a list of quest contracts.

Contract: Trial RunContract: Trial RunClient: Bazira
Heist Target: Urn of Farud (Moderate Value)
Area Level: 45
Requires Lockpicking (Level 1)
Requires Karst, the Lockpick
The Faridun cannot earn burial in the sky.
They have other ways of keeping the dead."
Contract: Slaver's RevengeContract: Slaver's RevengeClient: Whakano
Heist Target: Rescue Hapihapi
Area Level: #
Requires Brute Force (Level 1)
"When you stop viewing someone as a fellow human being,
there's little you won't do to forward your agenda.
That is what we're dealing with."
Contract: A Matter of HonourContract: A Matter of HonourClient: Adiyah
Heist Target: Solerai's Spear
Area Level: (34-#)
Requires Perception (Level 2)
Requires Adiyah, the Wayfinder
When hope was but a memory, the twin sister Sekhemas Solerai and Lundara arose to unite the Maraketh.
They wielded the essence of gold and silver. The Spear is one of the two weapons that forged us."
Contract: Isla's PrototypesContract: Isla's PrototypesClient: Isla
Heist Target: Pile of Inexplicable Junk
Area Level: (46-?)
Requires Trap Disarmament (Level 1)
Requires Isla, the Engineer
My inventions, my babies, deserve to be in better hands!
Contract: Follow the Paper TrailContract: Follow the Paper TrailClient: Whakano
Heist Target: Slaver's Records
Area Level: #
Requires Lockpicking (Level 2)
"Selfishness and hate fuel these kidnappings.
It's time we find who is leading them."
Contract: Isla's DesignsContract: Isla's DesignsClient: Isla
Heist Target: Baffling Blueprints
Area Level: (55-?)
Requires Trap Disarmament (Level 1)
Requires Isla, the Engineer
...the blueprints for my Extreme Warmth Beam, my Storm Wooing Rod,
the Mind Sublimator, and the Unbreakable...!
Contract: The Nameless PlayContract: The Nameless PlayClient: Gianna
Heist Target: "The Nameless Play"
Area Level: (68-?)
Requires Deception (Level 2)
Requires Gianna, the Master of Disguise
"I heard the script will send any who attempt to perform it mad,
but that other than that, it is very good."
Contract: Flying False ColoursContract: Flying False ColoursClient: Adiyah
Heist Target: Nashta's War Journal
Area Level: (70-#)
Requires Perception (Level 3)
Requires Adiyah, the Wayfinder
"Wraeclast is harsh, and the Plains of Vastiri are unforgiving. We Maraketh can
ill afford an internal war. We must prove that Nashta is behind these attacks."
Contract: The Finest CostumesContract: The Finest CostumesClient: Gianna
Heist Target: Templar Uniforms
Area Level: (80-?)
Requires Deception (Level 3)
Requires Gianna, the Master of Disguise
"Make sure it'll fit a small man, or a very large child.
And check for stains! Knew a few people who'd use them for-...
...Just check for stains."