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The Torment and Bloodlines leagues were introduced with Version 1.3.0 and ran from December 13 2014 to March 24 2015.

Reach Level 85
Attain character level 85 With at least three different classes in the Torment or Bloodlines leagues. This challenge still counts even if a character dies after reaching level 85.
Identify these Unique Items
Identify these specific Unique Items to complete this challenge. Uniques in both the Torment and Bloodlines leagues are counted for this challenge. You can trade the item away afterwards.
Unique Items
Agnerod East
Agnerod North
Bated Breath
Belly of the Beast
Belt of the Deceiver
Brutus' Lead Sprinkler
Carcass Jack
Cloak of Defiance
Cybil's Paw
Death and Taxes
Doryani's Catalyst
Doryani's Invitation
Great Old One's Ward
Infernal Mantle
Lightning Coil
Malachai's Artifice
Maligaro's Lens
Maligaro's Restraint
Maligaro's Virtuosity
Maloney's Nightfall
Ngamahu's Sign
Tasalio's Sign
Valako's Sign
Nomic's Storm
Pledge of Hands
Rat's Nest
Rathpith Globe
Reverberation Rod
Rumi's Concoction
Saffell's Frame
Scold's Bridle
Sentari's Answer
Sibyl's Lament
Solaris Lorica
Stone of Lazhwar
The Blood Thorn
The Broken Crown
The Rat Cage
The Supreme Truth
Thief's Torment
Ungil's Harmony
Whakawairua Tuahu
Kill Packs from these Bloodlines
Kill packs of Magic monsters With each of these Bloodline mods.
Bloodline Mods
Bearers Of The Guardian
Bond of Chaos
Congealing Blood
Corrupted Bloodline
Cult Of The Elements
Cult Of The Frozen Sky
Flame Bearers
Flaring Pulseblood
Frost Bearers
Heralds Of The Obelisk
Keepers Of The Trove
Mark Of Cannibalism
Necrotic Vigour
Necrotic Zeal
Phylacteral Link
Rime Pulseblood
Shared Boon
Spirit Walkers
Static Pulseblood
Storm Bearers
Union Of Souls
Voidspawn of Abaxoth
Kill these Tormented Spirits
Kill each of these Tormented Spirits or Unique monsters possessed by them.
Tormented Spritis
Tormented Arsonist
Tormented Aurora Cultist
Tormented Blasphemer
Tormented Cannibal
Tormented Charlatan
Tormented Cutthroat
Tormented Embezzler
Tormented Forger
Tormented Idolater
Tormented Martyr
Tormented Mutilator
Tormented Necromancer
Tormented Poisoner
Tormented Rogue
Tormented Seditionist
Tormented Smuggler
Tormented Spy
Tormented Storm Cultist
Tormented Thief
Tormented Thug
Tormented Vaal Cultist
Tormented Warlord
Full-clear these Maps
Kill all the monsters in each of these End-Game Map areas in the Torment or Bloodlines leagues. Use the /remaining command to see how many monsters remain, once you're getting close. Everyone in the area will receive credit for the clear.
Map Areas
Overgrown Ruin
Mountain Ledge
Overgrown Shrine
Underground Sea
Dry Woods
Torture Chamber
Jungle Valley
Dark Forest
Dry Peninsula
Underground River
Vaal Temple
Untainted Paradise
Maelstrom of Chaos
Acton's Nightmare
Poorjoy's Asylum
Whakawairua Tuahu
Oba's Cursed Trove
Olmec's Sanctum
The Apex of Sacrifice
Items from Vendor Recipes
Complete vendor recipes in either Torment or Bloodlines to receive each of the following items. A vendor recipe is when you trade a specific pattern of items to a vendor, not when you buy items from hislher purchase screen.
Scroll Fragment
Transmutation Shard
Alteration Shard
Alchemy Shard
Scroll of Wisdom
Orb of Augmentation
Armourer's Scrap
Blacksmith's Whetstone
Cartographer's Chisel
Gemcutter's Prism
Glassblower's Bauble
Chromatic Orb
Jeweller's Orb
Orb of Chance
Orb of Alchemy
Chaos Orb
Regal Orb
Vaal Orb
Unidentified Magic Item
Unidentified Rare Item
Paua Amulet
Coral Amulet
Topaz Ring
Sapphire Ring
Ruby Ring
Turquoise Amulet
Agate Amulet
Citrine Amulet
Any Life Flask
Any Mana Flask
Any Hybrid Flask
Granite Flask
Jade Flask
Any Map
Any Gem
Prismatic Ring
Complete these Encounters
Kill these Rogue Exiles, open Strongboxes With these properties, touch these Shrines and kill Rare Monsters With these Nemesis mods in the Torment or Bloodlines leagues. Strongboxes do not need to be identified to count, but their ambushers must be defeated.
Rogue Exiles
Exile: Antalie Napora
Exile: Ash Lessard
Exile: Augustina Solaria
Exile: Damoi Tui
Exile: Eoin Greyfur
Exile: Igna Phoenix
Exile: Ion Darkshroud
Exile: Jonah Unchained
Exile: Minara Anemina
Exile: Orra Greengate
Strongbox: Arctic
Strongbox: Contested
Strongbox: Frigid
Strongbox: Intimidating
Strongbox: Menacing
Strongbox: Rallying
Strongbox: Reaper's
Strongbox: of Abundance
Strongbox: of Corruption
Strongbox: of Bounty
Strongbox: of Complexity
Strongbox: of Kalandra
Strongbox: of Quality
Strongbox: of Singularity
Strongbox: of Unity
Strongbox: of Waters
Shrine: Diamond
Shrine: Divine
Shrine: Echoing
Shrine: Massive
Shrine: Burning
Shrine: Freezing
Shrine: Lightning
Shrine: Skeletal
Nemesis mods
Nemesis: Ancestral Power
Nemesis: Corrupting Blood
Nemesis: Fractured
Nemesis: Hexfont
Nemesis: Inner Treasure
Nemesis: Proximity Shield
Nemesis: Shroud Walker
Nemesis: Soul Conduit
Nemesis: Soul Eater
Nemesis: Storm Herald
Complete these Missions
Complete these missions for the Forsaken Masters in the Torment or Bloodlines leagues.
Master missions
Defend a Relic from waves of Monsters for Elreon
Defend a Relic for a fixed time for Elreon
Destroy Corrupted Relics for Elreon
Feed Souls to a Relic for Elreon
Free a spirit from Jikeji for Haku
Free a spirit from Boka for Haku
Free a spirit from Necribrae for Haku
Free a spirit from Blightraise for Haku
Free a spirit from Rua for Haku
Free a spirit from Wha for Haku
Revive a Rotting Mummy for Catarina
Revive a Rotting Outcast for Catarina
Revive a Bone Bird for Catarina
Revive a Charred Skeleton for Catarina
Revive a Reanimated Skeleton for Catarina
Revive a Rotting Weaver for Catarina
Kill the Mutated Arachnid for Tora
Kill the Infested Beast for Tora
Kill the Crazed Chieftain for Tora
Kill the Twisted Chimeral for Tora
Kill the Mutated Rhoa for Tora
Kill the Mutated Adder for Tora
Kill the Mutated Watcher for Tora
Defeat Vagan while he wields a Bow
Defeat Vagan while he uses Reave
Defeat Vagan while he is Unarmed
Defeat Vagan while he uses Elemental Strikes
Defeat Vagan while he uses Ethereal Knives
Defeat Vagan while he uses Traps
Defeat Vagan while he uses Spectral Throw
Kill a Target and leave a Witness for Vorici
Kill only a Target for Vorici
Kill only a Target's Guards for Vorici
Kill a Target within the Time Limit for Vorici
Kill a Target and save a Hostage for Vorici
Keep a Target on Low Life for Vorici
Steal from a Target's Chest for Vorici
Kill a Corrupted Boss for Zana
Kill Rogue Exiles for Zana
Find a Map Item for Zana
Find a Unique Item for Zana
Complete another Master's Mission for Zana
Kill Corrupted Monsters for Zana
Find Lodestones for Zana