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[[Image:Poorjoy's Asylum.png|24px]][[Poorjoy's Asylum]]

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Maps serve as the endgame content in Path of Exile. Like equipment, they come in magic, rare, and unique qualities and have their own special affixes. Affixes on maps can make them more difficult but can also increase your potential rewards.

Maps can drop from anything that can drop items of item level 60 or higher. Non-map areas cannot drop maps higher than level 66, as of patch 0.10.8.

You can access this content after completing the quests for Lady Dialla in Act 3 on merciless difficulty. You can then access the Eternal Laboratory where maps can be used.

Note that in some of the pages for specific maps, it is indicated whether the map is indoors or outdoors. The main purpose of this is for predicting the behaviour of the map prefix Labyrinthe (Map is a maze), which has virtually no effect on outdoor maps and generally makes indoor maps much larger.

Unidentified Maps: It's possible to put unidentified maps into the map device in the Eternal Laboratory. There is a +30% Item Quantity bonus when running these maps, but even when you enter the map the specific modifiers to the map are not revealed to you, even though the overall quantity is. Some are easy to observe, burning or chilled ground are very obvious for example, but others are harder to know immediately. As such, it's recommended that you have a strong character before tackling such maps, otherwise the map could have many dangerous affixes to put your character in danger. Unidentified maps can be obtained as map drops, or by vendoring 3x magic or rare maps of the same time.

Maps by Level

Level 66 Level 67 Level 68 Level 69 Level 70 Level 71


24pxDried Lake




24pxOvergrown Ruin

24pxTropical Island

The Coward's Trial inventory icon.pngThe Coward's Trial




24pxMountain Ledge




Maelström of Chaos inventory icon.pngMaelström of Chaos


24pxMud Geyser


24pxSpider Lair


24pxVaal Pyramid

Vaults of Atziri inventory icon.pngVaults of Atziri


24pxOvergrown Shrine



24pxSpider Forest


Acton's Nightmare inventory icon.pngActon's Nightmare





24pxUnderground Sea

24pxArachnid Nest


24pxDry Woods



Poorjoy's Asylum inventory icon.pngPoorjoy's Asylum

Level 72 Level 73 Level 74 Level 75 Level 76 Level 77

24pxJungle Valley

24pxTorture Chamber

24pxWaste Pool


24pxDry Peninsula



24pxDark Forest



24pxUnderground River








Maps in bold are unique.


Each (non-unique) map can have up to 3 prefixes and 3 affixes, just like other items. Currency related to rarity also works the same, for example an orb of alchemy will turn a basic map into a rare. Modifiers for maps change the properties of the map when one is in that map, thereby making it more difficult and (usually) resulting in increased item quantity for all drops on that map. High increased quantity also affects the drop rates of maps while in a particular map, so high modifiers will increase your chances at continuing to get map drops and finding higher level maps to use.


Name Mod Value Map Quantity Bonus
Armoured x% Monster Physical Resistance 30 8%
Burning Monsters deal x% extra Damage as Fire 80 to 100 12%
Capricious Area is inhabited by Goatmen - 14%
Ceremonial Area contains many Totems - 12%
Chaining Monsters' Skills Chain x additional times 2 18%
Deadly x% increased Monster Damage 25 to 35 18%
Emanant Area is inhabited by ranged monsters - 12%
Enraged Monsters gain x Frenzy Charges every 30 seconds 1 to 3 15%
Fecund x% increased Monster Life 25 to 35 12%
Fleet x% increased Monster Movement Speed
x% increased Monster Attack Speed
x% increased Monster Cast Speed
20 to 25
20 to 25
20 to 25
Freezing Monsters deal x% extra Damage as Cold 80 to 100 12%
Grounded +x% Monster Lightning Resistance 75 8%
Incombustible +x% Monster Fire Resistance 75 8%
Labyrinthine Area is a Maze (Indoor Maps only) - 0%
Massive Area is x% Larger (Outdoor Maps only) 20 to 50 0%
Mirrored Monsters reflect x% of Elemental Damage 20 18%
Molten +x% Monster Cold Resistance 75 8%
Multifarious Area has increased monster variety 3 6%
Overlord's Unique Boss deals +x% Damage and attacks y% faster 30,25 11%
Punishing Monsters reflect x% of Physical Damage 20 18%
Shocking Monsters deal x% extra Damage as Lightning 80 to 100 12%
Skeletal Area is inhabited by Skeletons - 8%
Slithering Area is inhabited by Sea Witches and their Spawn - 0%
Splitting Monsters fire x additional Projectiles 2 to 4 18%
Twinned Area contains two Unique Bosses - 6%
Undead Area is inhabited by Undead - 8%
Unwavering Monsters cannot be Stunned - 12%
Villainous Area is inhabited by Bandits - 8%


Name Stat Value Map Quantity Bonus
of Balance Players have Elemental Equilibrium - 9%
of Champions x% more Magic Monsters 20 to 50 3%
of Commanders x% more Rare Monsters 20 to 50 3%
of Elemental Weakness Players are cursed with Elemental Weakness skill icon.pngElemental Weakness Level 15 17%
of Enfeeblement Players are cursed with Enfeeble skill icon.pngEnfeeble Level 15 18%
of Exposure -x% maximum Player Resistances 15 to 25 30%
of Flames Area has patches of burning ground - 15%
of Hemomancy Players have Blood Magic - 15%
of Hordes +x% Monster pack size 20 to 50 0%
of Ice Area has patches of chilled ground - 8%
of Smothering Players recover Life, Mana and Energy Shield x% slower 50 20%
of Stasis Players cannot regenerate Life or Mana - 30%
of Suffering Players take x Chaos Damage per second 16.66 to 33.33 18%
of Temporal Chains Players are cursed with Temporal Chains skill icon.pngTemporal Chains Level 15 27%
of the Warlord Players are cursed with Module Error: Too many skills found with q_where = skill.active_skill_name="Warlord's Mark". Please choose only one of the following ids:
WarlordsMark - Base duration is (6-9.8) seconds, Hits against Cursed Enemies have (40-59)% chance to double Stun Duration, Cursed Enemies grant 20 Rage Regenerated over 1 second when Stunned, Cursed enemies grant 2% Life Leech when Hit by Attacks, Cursed enemies grant 2% Mana Leech when Hit by Attacks, Cursed enemies have a 100% chance to grant an Endurance Charge when slain (page)
WarlordsMarkTriggered - Base duration is (7.4-8.2) seconds, Trigger this Skill when you Hit a Rare or Unique Enemy (page)
Level 15 15%
of Vulnerability Players are cursed with Vulnerability skill icon.pngVulnerability Level 15 25%