Marceus the Defaced

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Marceus the Defaced
Marceus the Defaced
Location(s) The Marketplace
Resistance(s) Resists Chaos Damage
Skill(s) Lightning Strike
Tempest Shield

Marceus the Defaced is a unique Giant Gladiator Statue located in The Marketplace. It has a high amount of Life and uses Lightning Strike and Tempest Shield. It only comes to life if the player enters its vicinity.

The now defaced looking statue depicts Marceus Lioneye wielding Lioneye's RemorseLioneye's Remorse
Pinnacle Tower Shield
Quality: +20%
Chance to Block: 30%
Armour: (1494-1727)
Movement Speed: -3%
Requires Level 70, 159 Str+(20-30) to maximum Life(200-250)% increased Armour
20% increased Stun and Block Recovery
+(160-180) to maximum Life
5% reduced Movement Speed
-25 Physical Damage taken from Projectile Attacks
+5% Chance to Block
Marceus' unblemished shield is a testament
to his arrogance... and his fate.
and a spear.

Map variant

  • Marceus the Hidden. A side-boss of Bazaar MapBazaar MapMap Level: 82
    Map Tier: 15
    Guild Character: Y
    Greed is the only god here.Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.