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For another removed lore object, see Memory Fragment.

Memories are found in the Synthesis leagues in Act and map zones.


Each Act or map zone contains one fragmented memory, which Cavas or Zana will open. Entering a memory will spawn you next to one of the Memory Stabiliser. Interacting with a Stabiliser will open the zone and cause the memory to start decaying. Stepping too deep within the decay will forcibly eject you from the memory. It's also possible for the decay to spread into a Stabiliser, preventing the memory from being captured.

The memory can be captured by interacting with all the Memory Stabilisers in it. A memory can have two to four Stabilisers. Afterwards, the memory will be captured and can be used in the Memory Nexus. The captured memory contains paths which determines how it can be connected. Its locations are based on which directions the Stabilisers were.

Once the memory is captured, you can click the button on the bottom right to speed up the decaying process.

Once you exit the memory, any items that dropped inside the memory will be transferred to where you opened the memory.

Fractured items can drop in a memory.

Cavas' Memory

After encountering The Elder for the first time and retrieving Memory Fragment IMemory Fragment I"...A golden machine was found broken in the ruins of Wraeclast.
Believing it to contain some dark infernal secret,
High Templar Venarius asked that I restore it
and weaponize whatever powers it might contain..."
, the next fragmented memory zone is a special memory which belongs to Cavas. The zone contains waves of synthesized monsters. After completing this memory, Cavas will recover his memories and Zana will take over his role. This also enables bosses to spawn in the Memory Nexus.


Cavas, Forgotten Spirit: I recognise these men! That's High Templar Venarius with his guards. The other man is Valdo Caeserius. A man of science. They are building something together. Something important.

Cavas: That can't be right. Venarius was - is - a good man. A pious man. He would not lash out like that. No, he must have been provoked.

Cavas: Valdo is shouting at him, you see? Threatening him. The High Templar has no choice!

Cavas: Oh, dear! What just happened? What that... because of me?

Zana, Master Cartographer: Apologies for the intrusion, Exile, but when we found my father's memory fragment, I thought we could explore it with Cavas' help. Now I know what a mistake that would have been. Cavas has altered this memory and he has likely been altering many others.

Cavas: That's ridiculous. I'm innocent. All the memories we've seen clearly prove that.

Zana: Of course they do. You've made sure of that. You're no stranger to rewriting history... High Templar.

Cavas: No.

Zana: Yes.

Venarius: Was I... Am I...? I am the High Templar... Venarius? It's starting to make sense now. I sought power to wield against evil.

Zana: Stop! Can't you see what you're doing?

Venarius: ...And I found it. Yes, this is a start. This is more than I possibly could have hoped for when I drew the blade and awake -- yes, of course! Now I can protect Wraeclast properly.

Zana: ... protect Wraeclast?

Venarius: What am I, a monster? No, the real monsters surround us.

Zana: And what does that mean?

Venarius: Demons, child. Countless. They watch us from the darkness. They claw at the thin veil that keeps our world separated from theirs. A great tide of evil that wishes only to crash down upon us and sweep our civilisation into oblivion. But I will stand against it.

Zana: Then we are on the same side. The entity that fed on your memories is doing the same thing to my father. Help us stop it!

Venarius: Oh, little one, it is you who will help me... Your memories will show what I need them to show, for the cause. Every thinking man and woman of Wraeclast will come to simply know that they must unite... under me. It is the only way to guarantee a unified defence.

Zana: We won't let you get away!

Synthesis memory fragment areas

name Minimum
Abandoned Shaft Memory 17 50 Small
Abandoned Shaft Memory 45 100 Medium
Aftermath Memory 39 50 Small
Aftermath Memory 45 100 Medium
Bleak Halls Memory 45 100 Medium
Bloodbath Memory 31 50 Small
Bloodbath Memory 45 100 Medium
Bloodsoaked Arena Memory 40 50 Small
Bloodsoaked Arena Memory 45 100 Medium
Burial Grounds Memory 45 100 Medium
City Park Memory 45 100 Medium
Cliffside Path Memory 48 50 Small
Cliffside Path Memory 48 100 Medium
Collection Memory 46 50 Small
Collection Memory 46 100 Medium
Deep Dig Memory 36 50 Small
Deep Dig Memory 45 100 Medium
Detention Centre Memory 45 100 Medium
Effluvia Memory 45 100 Medium
Eroded Chamber Memory 6 50 Small
Eroded Chamber Memory 45 100 Medium
Eternal Residence Memory 34 50 Small
Eternal Residence Memory 45 100 Medium
Exchange Memory 28 50 Small
Exchange Memory 45 100 Medium
Glacial Cavern Memory 3 5 Small
Glacial Cavern Memory 6 50 Small
Glacial Cavern Memory 45 100 Medium
Grim Sepulchre Memory 46 50 Small
Grim Sepulchre Memory 46 100 Medium
Grim Woods Memory 45 100 Medium
Infested Temple Memory 19 50 Small
Infested Temple Memory 45 100 Medium
Infested Tomb Memory 56 100 Medium
Labour Camp Memory 45 100 Medium
Limestone Hollow Memory 6 50 Small
Limestone Hollow Memory 45 100 Medium
Lush Wetlands Memory 21 50 Small
Lush Wetlands Memory 45 100 Medium
Moonlight Temple Memory 60 100 Medium
Mushroom Grotto Memory 6 50 Small
Mushroom Grotto Memory 45 100 Medium
Overgrowth Memory 45 100 Medium
Palace Grounds Memory 45 100 Medium
Pristine Palace Memory 29 50 Small
Pristine Palace Memory 45 100 Medium
Reading Chambers Memory 32 50 Small
Reading Chambers Memory 45 100 Medium
Reclaimed Temple Memory 17 50 Small
Reclaimed Temple Memory 45 100 Medium
Ritual Memory 45 50 Small
Ritual Memory 45 100 Medium
River Crossing Memory 56 100 Medium
Rockpools Memory 52 100 Medium
Rocky Mesa Memory 3 5 Small
Rocky Mesa Memory 6 50 Small
Rocky Mesa Memory 45 100 Medium
Salted Earth Memory 36 50 Small
Salted Earth Memory 45 100 Medium
Sandbar Memory 1 2 Small
Sandbar Memory 6 50 Small
Sandbar Memory 45 100 Medium
Shanty Town Memory 26 50 Small
Shanty Town Memory 45 100 Medium
Slave Blocks Memory 43 50 Small
Slave Blocks Memory 45 100 Medium
Sprawling Caverns Memory 17 50 Small
Sprawling Caverns Memory 45 100 Medium
State Palace Memory 59 100 Medium
Temple Ruins Memory 45 100 Medium
Undercroft Memory 45 100 Medium
Volcanic Plateau Memory 39 50 Small
Volcanic Plateau Memory 45 100 Medium
Waterfront Memory 51 100 Medium
Woods Memory 15 50 Small
Woods Memory 45 100 Medium

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