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Mission areas are areas used for the missions of the Forsaken Masters. All daily missions of the first 6 masters occur in a mission area, and some wild encounters of masters also include entrances to a mission area. Zana's missions do not use a mission area but instead use Maps.

There are several types of areas used for missions:

  • Regular: Normal areas filled with regular monsters. These areas are common to Catarina, Vorici and Tora daily missions, but are not used for wild missions.
  • Arena: Indoor areas with no monsters consisting of a small foyer level and a slightly larger arena level. These are used by Vagan and Elreon dailies, although each has his own set of arenas.
  • Haunted: Indoor areas which are generally linear and also include monsters, as well as certain special effects only found in Haku missions. These are used for all Haku missions, both daily and random.
  • Den: Small indoor area with a small group of corrupted monsters, used in some Tora missions, both daily and random.
  • Forgotten: Outdoor areas with no monsters used as launching areas for Haku's daily missions.


Indoor areas

Tileset Regular Elreon Arena Haunted Den Vagan Arena
Caverns Waterfall Cavern Haunted Cave Reeking Den Rugged Pit
Chamber Ruined Temple Spiritual Ruins Haunted Ruin Rotting Den Ruined Arena
Crypt Ancient Church, Dark Necropolis Divine Cathedral, Sanctified Cathedral Haunted Crypt Defiled Den, Desecrated Lair Austere Arena, Hallowed Arena
Fetid Pool Fetid Swamp
Library Hidden Repository, Secret Library Gallery of Wisdom Musty Lair Scholar's Arena
Lunaris Experimental Chambers Hallowed Shrine Haunted Shrine Suffocating Lair Blood Pit
Prison Abandoned Jail, Abandoned Prison Solitary Chamber Haunted Cell Putrid Lair Burnt Cage
Sceptre Ruined Palace Solemn Halls Haunted Mansion Ruined Lair Court Arena
Sewers Stagnant Sewers Haunted Trench Rancid Lair Sewage Pit
Solaris Untouched Temple Sacred Shrine
Spider Lair Spider Grove Haunted Lair Infested Lair Webbed Arena
Submerged Passage Watery Cave, Watery Tunnels Haunted Abyss, Haunted Descent, Haunted Depth Dank Den Watery Pit
Vaal Ancient Ruins Sacred Tomb Haunted Tomb Ageless Arena
Warehouse Abandoned Warehouses Haunted Shed Musky Lair Ramshackle Arena

Outdoor areas

Tileset Regular Forgotten
Coast Sand Terraces, Shipwreck Sanctum Forgotten Cove
Dried Lake Desert Valley
Docks Industrial Docks
Fields Dry Fields
Forest Black Forest, Lush Forest, Spider Woods, Verdant Streams Forgotten Wood
Garden Overgrown Garden
Graveyard Church Ruins
Mountain Windswept Ridge
Sarn Slum Ruins, Market Ruins Forgotten Slum
Thicket Dense Thicket