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This module holds some constants and functions related to path of exile in general.


The module has the following structure

game.constants General game constants, such as the attributes or classes
game.constants.item item constants
game.constants.mod Mod constants


Table Id Description Available keys Extra keys
full long_upper long_lower short_upper short_lower
game.constants.characters Character
  • id - internal id
game.constants.ascendancy Ascendancy class
  • id - internal id
  • character - character id
game.constants.attributes Attributes
game.constants.damage_types Damage type
game.constants.difficulties Difficulties
  • resistances - resist cap
  • minimum_level - minimum required level to enter
  • label - one letter label
game.constants.passive_types Passive skill
  • type - 'normal' or 'ascendancy'
game.constants.tags internal tags
game.constants.item.rarity Rarity
game.constants.item.class Item class
game.constants.item.gem_tags Gem tags Mod Domain
game.constants.mod.generation_types Mod Generation Type


This module should be loaded with mw.loadData().