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The item module is used for handling item data and displaying it in various ways including infoboxes, inline links, and tables.


Each item has its own page that stores stats and other data pertaining to that item. This is accomplished by invoking the item function from this module.

|name = Item Name

... pass in other arguments ...


This displays an infobox for the item and sets up the item data for inclusion on other pages. See Wurm's Molt for an example of this setup.


All parameters except for Name are optional. They can be excluded or left blank.

Parameter Description
Name Name of the item
SortKey The sort key for sorting the item in categories and tables – Defaults to Name
PageName Name of the item's wiki page – Defaults to Name
Image File name of the item graphic – Defaults to PageName.png
Size Size of the item in grid units – Possible values are, but not limited to: 1x1, 2x2, and 2x4. Defaults to a "best guess" based on the item's type, subtype, and requirements.
Rarity Rarity of the item – This only applies to weapons, armour, accessories, flasks, and maps. Possible values are: Normal, Magic, Rare, and Unique. Defaults to Normal.
Type Type of the item, for formatting purposes – Possible values are: Weapon, Armour, Accessory, Flask, Map, Currency, Quest and Microtrans.
Subtype Subtype of the item – Possible values are, but not limited to: Axe, Staff, Gloves, Body Armour, and Ring.
BaseItem Base item page name, for rares and uniques
RequiredLevel Level requirement of the item
RequiredStrength Strength requirement of the item
RequiredDexterity Dexterity requirement of the item
RequiredIntelligence Intelligence requirement of the item
PhysicalDamage Physical damage of the weapon
FireDamage Fire damage of the weapon
ColdDamage Cold damage of the weapon
LightningDamage Lightning damage of the weapon
ChaosDamage Chaos damage of the weapon
AverageDamage Override for normal average damage calculation; used for weapons such as Dyadus
CriticalStrikeChance Critical strike chance of the weapon
AttacksPerSecond Attacks per second of the weapon
Armour Armour rating of the armour item
Evasion Evasion rating of the armour item
EnergyShield Energy shield of the armour item
Block Block chance of the shield
MapLevel Map level of the map item
MapTier Map tier of the map item
ItemQuantity Item quantity modifier of the map item
StackSize Maximum stack size of the currency item
Effect Effect of the usable utility flask, currency item, or microtransaction item
FlaskLife Life restoration on use of the flask
FlaskMana Mana restoration on use of the flask
FlaskDuration Life or mana restoration time or utility effect duration of the flask
FlaskCharges Total "charge" capacity of the flask
FlaskChargesUsed "Charges" consumed on use of the flask
ImplicitMods Implicit mods of the item – Separate each line with <br>.
RandomMods Random mods of the item – Separate each line with <br>.
Cosmetic Cosmetic mods of the item – Separate each line with <br>.
FlavourText Flavour text of the item
HelpText Help text of the item

Numerical ranges

There are two types of numerical ranges for items: damage ranges and random value ranges. See the discussion about distinguishing between ranges.

Damage ranges are two numbers separated by an en dash (&ndash;), indicating a range of possible values for damage calculation. These appear on the wiki very similar to how they appear in game.

  • Physical Damage: 15–23
  • Adds 48–72 Fire Damage

Random value ranges are two numbers or damage ranges separated by the word "to" and enclosed in parentheses, indicating a range of possible values for item stat rolls. These do not appear in game at all, but are shown on the wiki for informational purposes.

  • Evasion Rating: (80 to 91)
  • +(60 to 80) to maximum Life
  • (10 to 20)% increased Attack Speed
  • Adds (15–25 to 24–35) Chaos Damage