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This module implements the following templates:

local getArgs = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs
local util = require('Module:Util')
local messageBox = require('Module:Message box')

local p = {}
local g_frame, g_args

-- Meta module - Implements Template:Meta module

function p.meta_module(frame)
    g_args = getArgs(frame, {
        parentFirst = true
    g_frame = util.misc.get_frame(frame)
    local text = mw.html.create()
            :wikitext('This is a [[:Category:Meta modules|meta module]] ')
        :wikitext('that is meant to be used only by other modules. It should not be invoked in wikitext.')
    local mbox = messageBox.main('mbox', {
        type = 'notice',
        text = tostring(text),
        image = '[[File:Meta module.svg|40x40px|link=|alt=]]',
    local cat = util.misc.add_category('Meta modules', {namespace=828, namespace_blacklist={}}) -- 828 = Module namespace
    local html = mw.html.create()
    return tostring(html)

return p