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Mana cost header missing

The Mana Cost header isn't showing up for auras with flat mana reservation, like Clarity and Precision. I followed the code in this module visually and can't figure out what's wrong, the map.progression.mana_cost.header function seems to be called just fine from p.progression, and has_reservation_mana_cost is set for both mentioned aura skills -- that's as much as I can tell from afar. (Also, the i18n.progression.mana_cost header text seems to be mixed up with the %-based ...mana_reservation header text. Compare that to the i18n.infobox.mana_* headers for flat vs % reservation auras -- these seem to be correct.) Fixed in 558790, thanks. Irfy (talk) 23:14, 23 June 2019 (UTC)