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Nubuck Gloves
Quality: +20%
Evasion: 130
Requires Level 52, 50 Dex(30-40)% increased Global Accuracy Rating
+(40-50) to maximum Life
-(20-10)% to Chaos Resistance
(7-8)% chance to Dodge Spell Hits
Trigger Level 10 Assassin's Mark when you Hit a Rare or Unique Enemy
2% increased Attack Critical Strike Chance per 200 Accuracy Rating
Land and sea did not dissuade,
nor did the Kelpie's maw;
the wild beast crossed half the world
to sate his hungry claw.
Oskarm inventory icon.png
Purchase Costs
Unique5x Chaos Orb
Sell Price
13x Alchemy Shard
4x Alteration Shard
Item class: Gloves

Oskarm is a pair of unique Nubuck GlovesNubuck GlovesEvasion: 109Requires Level 33, 50 Dex.


Corrupting the gloves may grant one of the vaal implicit modifers Curse Enemies with Level (10–12) xxx on Hit in order to dual curse the enemy on hit. However, the player must find a way to increase the curse limit, such as Whispers of Doom or Cospri's WillCospri's Will
Assassin's Garb
Quality: +20%
Evasion: (1768-2063)
Requires Level 68, 183 Dex3% increased Movement Speed(120-160)% increased Evasion Rating
+(17-29)% to Chaos Resistance
You can apply an additional Curse
Your Hexes can affect Hexproof Enemies
60% chance to Poison on Hit against Cursed Enemies
Curse their vile Council,
They cast me aside as if I am some bastard child.
If they only knew the power I possess.
. If the character's curse limit is the default of 1, the implicit curse is applied second and therefore takes priority.

Item acquisition

Upgrade paths

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

5MittsMitts5GlovesThose whose hands are their livelihood know the importance of keeping them safe and warm.random GlovesAutomatic
8Arrogance of the VaalArrogance of the Vaal8Item
Discovery can lead to beauty, or it can lead to ruin.
random two-implicit corrupted itemAutomatic
4Jack in the BoxJack in the Box4ItemTurn the crank,
close your eyes,
and pray to the gods
for a pleasant surprise.
random itemAutomatic

Supporter attribution

Oskarm was created by ZenocideGenius on behalf of supporter Halicarnassus.[1][dead link]

The name for this item was inspired by Zeno's cat Oscar. Oscar is a polydactyl cat, and the gloves have 6 finger slots mimicking Oscar's paw.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.


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