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|stat1_id = keystone_blood_magic
|stat1_id = keystone_blood_magic
|stat1_value = 1
|stat1_value = 1
|stat_text = Removes all Mana. Skills Cost [[Life]] instead of [[Mana]]. Skills Reserve Life instead of Mana. Spend Life instead of Mana for effects of [[Skill]]s.
|stat_text = Removes all mana<br />[[Active skill|Skills]] Cost [[Life]] instead of Mana<br />Skills Reserve [[Life]] instead of Mana<br />Spend [[Life]] instead of [[Mana]] for effects of Skills
|connections = strength775,blood_magic2097,strength775
|connections = strength775,blood_magic2097,strength775

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Blood Magic
Integer Id57279
Flavour TextLay open your veins, and draw power from your own spilled life.
Removes all mana
Skills Cost Life instead of Mana
Skills Reserve Life instead of Mana
Spend Life instead of Mana for effects of Skills

blood_magic1143 is the internal id for the Blood Magic passive skill.

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