Path of Exile Royale

Path of Exile: Royale league
PvP season
Release version3.14.3b
Release date2021-07-16
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Path of Exile Royale was a Game Mode added for April Fool's Day 2018. The game mode pits up to 100 players in a last-man-standing match on a large island. It was re-introduced to the game in version 3.14.3b. It will be available on every weekend throughout the Expedition league season except on launch weekend.


Joining a Royale match works like joining a race - Royale can be found on the character selection screen, in the Events list (under the list of characters). A round of Path of Exile: Royale requires a fresh, separate character, which can be created as usual. There is no need to make a new character for each round though — once a character is created, it can be selected again to join more games, though they'll be reset to level 1 and lose all their items each time.

Entering the game as the character will put you in a new Royale mode queue. The character will be put on the shores of Royale Island where the players wait for the game to fill. During the waiting period, no one is able to move. Once there are 50 players, there will be 30 additional seconds for players to join (up to maximum of 100) before the game starts. After the round starts, players are allowed to move freely.

The game mode takes place in a large island, with players placed on the edges of the map. Traveling inward, more monsters and items can be found. There is a safe zone that periodically shrinks towards the center every 2 minutes. The danger zone is marked with a red border and the next danger zone is marked with a blue border. An arrow under the character will point towards the safe zone if it is within the green zone. Players within the danger zone will take damage over time which increases over time.

Items can be looted from killed monsters, players, or collected from loot chests. Various containers exist in the map:

  • Supplies: Found in the starting areas, these boxes drop identified magic equipment and skill gems.
  • Cache: Contains identified magic to unique equipment, flasks, and rarer skill gems.
  • Trove: Contains crafting currency items.

Players will drop their corpse which can be looted on death, containing all their items they were carrying. Any gems they had socketed will be unsocketed. Notably, item filters are disabled in Royale.

There are also flask stations which completely refill all flasks when touched. After they've been used, their power is drained for a few seconds, after which they can be used again.

On death, you can choose to Spectate, turning into an invisible ghost that can freely roam the map.

The winner of PoE Royale receives a Rhoa Feast hideout decoration. Additional wins will upgrade the decoration.

Gameplay changes

Compared to the normal game, players start with more life, less mana but more mana regeneration, higher stun and ailment thresholds, more balanced base attributes, and faster experience gain. The area has the mods 40% increased Experience gain, Area has increased monster variety, Found Items drop Identified in Area.

A separate skill tree exists for Royale mode, which is shared among all classes. Players gain 2 skill points on level up. There is no need to confirm skill point allocations, and skill points cannot be refunded.

Every player starts with a 3-link R-G-B one-handed sword, one-handed mace, and bow in their inventory, as well as 2 Small Life Flask inventory icon.png Small Life FlaskSmall Life FlaskRecovers 70 Life over 6.00 seconds
Consumes 7 of 21 Charges on use
Right click to drink. Can only hold charges while in belt. Refills as you kill monsters.

Small Life Flask inventory icon.png
s and a Small Mana Flask inventory icon.png Small Mana FlaskSmall Mana FlaskRecovers 50 Mana over 3.00 seconds
Consumes 6 of 24 Charges on use
Right click to drink. Can only hold charges while in belt. Refills as you kill monsters.
Small Mana Flask inventory icon.png

Several skill gems and unique items were rebalanced for low levels and added to the game mode.

Health flasks effects are interrupted if the user receives a hit from another player.


There are currently around 50 skill gems and 15 support gems available in Royale. They have been chosen from all of the gems in the regular game and, if necessary, scaled down for use in low-level play. For example, it is possible to find a skill at level 1 that requires level 28 in regular Path of Exile. The skills available are exclusively damage and/or movement related.


Version history

Version Changes
  • Players who disconnect from a Royale match will now leave behind a corpse, allowing their items to be looted.
  • Killing another player now grants 500 experience plus 20% of the player's total experience (previously 200 experience plus 20%).
  • The penalty applied to experience gain for killing a lower level player has been increased. For example, killing a player 2 levels lower than you would previously reduce the experience gained from the kill by approximately 40%, it is now reduced by approximately 60%.
  • Night Adders and Serpentine Constructs no longer flee from players, and grant approximately 20% more experience when killed.
  • Equipment drops from monsters and chests are less likely to be magic (and therefore more likely to be either normal or rare).
  • Monsters now drop significantly higher numbers of Skill and Support Gems.
  • Items spawned on the ground are more likely to be Skill and Support Gems.

See Version 3.15.0e § Royale-Specific Changes: for a complete list of changes to Royale in version 3.15.0e.

  • Re-enabled with substantial rework. Read Announcement for details
  • (In hotfix) Fixed a bug in Royale where players could be placed in a team and unable to attack others.
  • (In hotfix) Fixed a bug where the damaging zone in Royale wasn't dealing more damage as the game progressed if you never lost and gained the debuff again.
  • Introduced to the game.
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