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Please consider helping keep the wiki up to date. Check the to-do list of updates needed for version 3.14.0.

Game data exports will becoming later as the technical changes in addition to regular changes take some more time.


Path of Exile Wiki

Semi-automatic updates with PyPoE

What can be updated

The following things can be updated with PyPoE for the most part and should not require manual updates:

  • All base item pages (this includes skills, currency, quest items and so on)
  • quest and vendor reward data
  • All area data (Area: namespace)
  • All modifier data (Modifier: namespace)
  • All passive skill data (Passive Skill: namespace)
  • All non-item skill data (Skill: namespace)
    • As a result modifier lists will automatically be updated
    • Unique items that only had numeric changes to their modifiers should receive the new values
  • Bestiary recipe data
  • Delve data (costs for equipment, delve scaling etc)
  • Incursion room data
  • Monster data (Monster: namespace)

What needs to be done after

  • Check on the bot edits for correctness and potential mistakes; report errors on User:OmegaK2's talk page
  • For item pages created, add relevant information to the item and proper structure (see Path_of_Exile_Wiki:Manual_of_Style/item)
  • Create pages for new relevant areas and passives in the main namespace


  • On skill pages, check {{Skill progression}} and add any new stats or fix mistakes
  • Add descriptions of the mechanics
  • Add information about interactions if other support gems if there are any unusual interactions
  • Create pages for new skills if any have been added

Unique items

Manual Changes


  • Cartographer's Seals and Unshaping Orb infobox and patchnote
  • Sextants
    • Patchnote
    • Rename the articles, (C&P move was performed as the bot already created an article for the new name) rewrite how they function
  • Essence of Zeal, Essences of Woe's Patchnote

Base items

  • Add patch note to bow and wand basetype
    • Add legacy variant table to the basetype and associated unique bows, due to change in implicit
    • Need to check basetypes are correctly using PyPOE data and/or matching in game value
      • bow?
      • wand need manually add pypoe extracted data

Unique items

  • Unique items that have had modifiers added/removed/changed need to be looked at and corrected if necessary
    • Snakebite
    • Add patch note to items mentioned in Patch Note#Unique Item Balance
    • Add legacy variant table if applicable


  • How the Atlas of Worlds works has been changed drastically. The article needs to be updated to reflect these changes.

New articles