Penance Brand

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Penance BrandSpell, AoE, Physical, Lightning, Duration, Brand
Cost: (15-27) Mana
Cast Time: 0.75 sec
Critical Strike Chance: 6.00%
Effectiveness of Added Damage: 40%
Requires Level 28Creates a magical brand which can attach to a nearby enemy. It periodically activates while attached, adding energy to the branded enemy. Each activation, energy spreads from each energised enemy to an enemy in range which is not energised by the brand. If the branded enemy has 20 energy, each activation will instead deal a pulse of area damage. Energy explodes when the energised enemy dies or the brand is removed, dealing damage in an area.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent0.5% increased Area of Effect1% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage1% chance to Shock enemiesCan be Attached for a total Duration of 2.5 seconds
Your Skills can have an additional Brand Attached to an Enemy
Activates every 0.5 seconds while Attached
Can be Detached for a total Duration of 6 seconds
Deals (18-170) to (27-254) Physical Damage
Explosions deal 100% more Damage with Ailments per Energy after the first
Explosions deal 150% more Damage with Hits per Energy after the first
50% of Physical Damage Converted to Lightning Damage
Increases and Reductions to Cast Speed also apply to this Skill's Activation frequency
+1 to Explosion Radius per Energy
Pulse deals 50% more Damage with Hits and Ailments
Up to +(0-9) to Energy spread radius, scaled by distance from Brand
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Penance Brand skill icon.pngPenance Brand inventory icon.png
Level: 28
Purchase Costs
Normal1x Orb of Chance
Sell Price
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Active Skill Gems
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Gems/SkillGemPenanceBrand

Penance Brand is a spell that creates a brand at the target position. While attached, the brands adds energy to the attached target, which can also spread to a nearby enemy that wasn't energized. When released, the stored energy detonates to deal area of effect converted lightning damage. When energy exceeds the cap it can store on the attached target, the brand releases damaging pulses around it.

Skill functions and interactions

Gem level progression

LevelRequired LevelRequired StrengthRequired IntelligenceMana
Exp.Total Exp.
12829421518 to 27N/A00
23132461522 to 33N/A199,345199,345
33435501626 to 391285,815485,160
43737541731 to 461401,344886,504
54040581837 to 552554,3791,440,883
64242601941 to 612477,4371,918,320
74444631945 to 683583,7862,502,106
84646662051 to 763710,3593,212,465
94848682156 to 8441,355,5114,567,976
105049712163 to 9441,138,8775,706,853
115251742269 to 10451,368,2337,075,086
125453762277 to 11551,638,3388,713,424
135655792385 to 12861,956,64810,670,072
145857822494 to 14163,655,18414,325,256
1560598424104 to 15673,017,32717,342,583
1662608725115 to 17277,759,99525,102,578
1764629025127 to 190815,138,19340,240,771
1866649226140 to 210826,083,82566,324,596
1968669527154 to 231962,620,247128,944,843
2070689827170 to 2549211,708,088340,652,931
21727010028187 to 28010N/AN/A
2274N/AN/A28205 to 30810N/AN/A
2376N/AN/A29226 to 33811N/AN/A
2478N/AN/A30248 to 37211N/AN/A
2580N/AN/A30272 to 40812N/AN/A
2682N/AN/A31299 to 44812N/AN/A
2784N/AN/A31327 to 49113N/AN/A
2886N/AN/A32359 to 53913N/AN/A
2988N/AN/A32393 to 59014N/AN/A
3090N/AN/A33431 to 64714N/AN/A
3191N/AN/A33451 to 67715N/AN/A
3292N/AN/A34472 to 70815N/AN/A
3393N/AN/A34494 to 74115N/AN/A
3494N/AN/A34517 to 77515N/AN/A
3595N/AN/A35540 to 81116N/AN/A
3696N/AN/A35565 to 84816N/AN/A
3797N/AN/A35591 to 88716N/AN/A
3898N/AN/A35618 to 92816N/AN/A
3999N/AN/A36647 to 97017N/AN/A
40100N/AN/A36676 to 101417N/AN/A

Item acquisition

Upgrade paths

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

6The FoxThe Fox6Level 20 Gem"Masters of wit, strength and cunning. To survive the harsh winters, you must be like the fox."
- Ezomyte Proverb
random level 20 gemAutomatic
13The CataclysmThe Cataclysm13Level 21 Spell Gem
The mighty warriors traded in blows, the nimble archers in arrows, yet it was the brazen thaumaturgists who would bring catastrophe to all.
random corrupted level 21 Spell gemAutomatic
3Gemcutter's PromiseGemcutter's Promise3Superior Gem
Quality: +20%
"I swore to use my position to help the people. What good is power when it just accumulates on the already-powerful?" - Erasmus, Imperial Gemcutter
random superior gem (Q20)Automatic

Quest reward

This item is given as a quest reward for the following quests:

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
Sever the Right Hand
Act 3

Vendor reward

This item can be bought at the listed NPC vendors, after completing the following quests:

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
A Fixture of Fate
Act 3
Sever the Right Hand
Act 3
Fallen from Grace
Act 6
Lilly Roth

Threshold jewels

The following threshold jewels augment Penance Brand:


Related helmet enchantments

The following helmet enchantments affect Penance Brand.

NameFor generated item/monster modifiers the minimum item/monster level respectively. Some generation types may not require this condition to be met, however item level restrictions may be raised to 80% of this value.StatsSpawn Weighting
Enchantment Penance Brand Cast Speed 166Penance Brand has 8% increased Cast Speedhelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Penance Brand Cast Speed 275Penance Brand has 12% increased Cast Speedhelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Penance Brand Damage 166Penance Brand deals 25% increased Damagehelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Penance Brand Damage 275Penance Brand deals 40% increased Damagehelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Penance Brand Radius 166Penance Brand has 16% increased Area of Effecthelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Penance Brand Radius 275Penance Brand has 24% increased Area of Effecthelmet 100
default 0

Version history

Version Changes
  • Penance Brand has been added to the game.