Plummeting Ursa

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Plummeting Ursa
Plummeting Ursa
Location(s) The Southern Forest
The Riverways
The Dread Thicket
Resistance(s) Resists Fire Damage

A Plummeting Ursa is a small bear-like creature that ambushes characters by dropping from above.

Unique version

Name Location
Q'uru The Caverns

Supporter attribution

Plummeting Ursa was designed by supporter CharanJaydemyr, currently known as 鬼殺し, using the Ruler of Wraeclast Pack.[1]


Plummeting Ursa is a reference to the drop bear, a joke about dangerous wildlife in Australia.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Fixed a bug where Plummeting Ursa spectres could not be killed.
  • Fixed a client crash with Plummeting Ursae.
  • Added a new monster, designed by a Ruler of Wraeclast supporter, to some Act Two areas.


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