Primal Aegis

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NamePrimal Aegis
Skill IdPrimalAegis
IconPrimal Aegis skill icon.png
Cast Time1s
Level Req.1
Attack Speed100%
Effectiveness of Added Damage100%
Soul Gain Prevention0.005s
Damage Multiplier100%
Calls forth a protective aegis which takes elemental damage from hits for you until depleted. The aegis will be restored to its full value after a short delay if you stop taking elemental damage from hits, or if depleted.
This Spell is Triggered when Gained
You cannot Cast this Spell directly

Primal Aegis is a skill granted by the Bastion of Elements ascendancy passive in the Elementalist tree on a Witch. "Primal Aegis: Elemental damage from Hits is taken from this Aegis before your Life or energy Shield. The Aegis will be restored to full value if you take no Elemental Damage from Hits for a while." This shield value is based on 75 damage per Allocated Notable Passive Skills.

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Version history

Version Changes
  • Primal Aegis now takes 75 Damage per Allocated Notable Passive Skill (previously 100).
  • Introduced to the game.