Primal Crushclaw

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Primal Crushclaw
Location(s) The Sacred Grove
Resistance(s) Resists elemental damage
Modifier(s) 33% less Hex Curse Effectiveness, etc.

Primal Crushclaw is a monster. It can be spawned in The Sacred Grove by random, or alternatively, the alternative quality effect (Phantasmal) of DesecrateDesecrateSpell, AoE, Duration, Chaos
Cost: (11-26) Mana
Cast Time: 0.60 sec
Requires Level 16Desecrates the ground, summoning corpses and dealing chaos damage to all enemies in the area. The corpses will be chosen from the monsters in the current area and any Spectres that have existed in this instance.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent4Phantasmal1% increased Cast Speed10% increased Chaos Damage3% chance to spawn an additional CorpseEach Corpse spawned has 1% chance to be a Forgotten CorpseBase duration is 4 seconds
Deals (8.2-294) Base Chaos Damage per second
Spawns 5 corpses
Spawns corpses up to Level (20-100)
Maximum of 10 corpses allowed
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Desecrate skill icon.png
: Each Corpse spawned has 1% chance to be a Forgotten Corpse (per 1% quality).[confirmation needed because of 3.13 changes]

The 3D model is similar to Brinecrack of Act 6.

The spectred version of this monster has a different metadata id.[1]


Upon killing all the monster of the plot that contain Primal Crushclaw and other monsters, Primal Crushclaw will grant one of the following one time use crafting option:[2]

  • Change a Unique Item into Perandus CoinsPerandus CoinStack Size: 5000Trade coins to Cadiro Perandus.
    Shift click to unstack.
    . Rarer Unique Items are worth more Perandus Coins
  • Change a Unique Bestiary item or item with an Aspect into Lures of the same beast family
  • Change a Harbinger Unique or Unique Piece into a random Beachhead Map

Monster stats

Fetching data...

It is not clear that the monster always spawns as a rare monster or not, thus the infobox on the right assume it is a normal monster. Note that rare monsters have more than 2 monster explicit modifiers which affect the damage and life even more.

If want to use the infobox for spectre , use lower part of the infobox which is for spectre (indicated by the metadata id), set the monster as minion (and untick map monster) as well as proper monster level (e.g. lv 20 Raise SpectreRaise SpectreSpell, Minion
Cost: (15-28) Mana
Cast Time: 0.85 sec
Requires Level 28Raises a spectral version of a defeated foe as a minion to fight for you in battle.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent4Phantasmal1% increased Minion Movement SpeedMinions deal 1% increased Melee Damage
1% increased Minion Maximum Life
Minions have 0.5% reduced Enemy Stun ThresholdMinions are Created with maximum Frenzy Charges
Maximum (1-2) Raised Spectres
55% more Minion Movement Speed
Minion Movement Speed is Capped
Raised Spectres are Level (28-72)
Minions have (105-776) additional Accuracy Rating
Minions have +30% to all Elemental Resistances
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Raise Spectre skill icon.png
raises a spectre with monster level 72 as of 3.13 patch)

Version History

Version Changes
  • (Not in patch note) Now spawning in The Sacred Grove by random, waiting the player to harvest.
  • (Not in patch note) Its seed Primal Crushclaw BulbPrimal Crushclaw BulbStack Size: 100
    Seed Tier: 3
    Spawns a level ? Monster when Harvested
    Provides ? Units of Raw Primal Lifeforce when Harvested
    Can be Harvested after 9 Growth Cycles
    Consumes (50%) Wild Units of Condensed Lifeforce per Growth Cycle
    Consumes (50%) Vivid Units of Condensed Lifeforce per Growth Cycle
    Requires 4 Adjacent Primal Seeds of at least Tier 2 to Grow
    Allows you to exchange a Unique, Bestiary or Harbinger item for a related item when HarvestedShift click to unstack.
    no longer drop.
  • Introduced to game.