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Primordial Harmony
|rarity = Unique
|name = Primordial Harmony
|class = Jewel
|base_item = Cobalt Jewel
|explicit1 = GolemSkillsCooldownRecoveryUnique__1
|explicit2 = GolemsSkillsCooldownRecoveryUnique__1_
|explicit3 = IncreasedGolemDamagePerGolemUnique__1
|explicit4 = GolemLifeRegenerationUnique__1
|explicit5 = PrimordialJewelCountUnique__3
|flavour_text = "A stone is not a stone,<br>It is but one part of a fortress."<br>- Ezomyte proverb
|help_text = Place into an allocated jewel socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Right click to remove from the Socket.
|release_version = 2.5.0
|upgraded_from_set1_group1_item_name = The Garish Power
|upgraded_from_set1_group1_amount = 4
|upgraded_from_set1_group1_notes = random {{c|unique|unique [[Jewel]]}}
|upgraded_from_set2_group1_item_name = The Eye of the Dragon
|upgraded_from_set2_group1_amount = 10
|upgraded_from_set2_group1_notes = random {{c|corrupted|corrupted}} {{c|unique|unique [[Jewel]]}}
|upgraded_from_set3_text = random {{c|unique|unique item}}
|upgraded_from_set3_group1_item_name = Jack in the Box
|upgraded_from_set3_group1_amount = 4
'''Primordial Harmony''' is a [[unique]] {{il|Cobalt Jewel}}.
{{c|mod|Primordial}}: Equipping or socketing three items with the Primordial modifier grants an additional Golem from {{il|The Anima Stone}}.
{{Item acquisition}}
==Legacy variants==
Primordial Harmony has a [[legacy variant]].
{{legacy variant table header}}
{{legacy variant table row|3.3.0|Golem Skills have (20-30)% increased Cooldown Recovery Speed<br>{{c|mod|Golems have (10-15)% increased Cooldown Recovery Speed}}<br>(16-20)% increased Golem Damage for each Type of Golem you have Summoned<br>Golems regenerate 2% of their Maximum Life per second<br>Primordial}}
==Version history==
* Now grants your golems 30-45% increased cooldown recovery speed, to compensate for a bug that was fixed. Existing versions of this jewel can be updated with a Divine Orb.
* Introduced to the game.
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Primordial Harmony