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Prisoner of Fate
Prisoner of Fate quest icon.png
Required No
Start Reach the Climb
Objective Defeat the Faun in the Climb to rescue Navali
Completion Talk to Navali
Boss The Faun
The Faun

Prisoner of Fate is a quest in Act 1.


To start the quest, encounter Navali in the Climb.

Quest Notification.png Defeat the Faun in the Climb to rescue Navali.

Navali has been captured by the Faun in the Climb. Defeat the Faun to to rescue Navali.

Quest Notification.png You have saved Navali from the Faun. Talk to her.

You have freed Navali. Talk to her.

Navali: Thank you for freeing me. The Mother of Death likes to play these little tricks on me. To remind me of my place. But she also sent you here to help.

Let me return the favour, exile. We will meet again in town, and then I will help you illuminate your path.

Quest Notification.png You have saved Navali from the Faun . Talk to her in town to learn about prophecies .

Meet Navali in Lioneye's Watch and talk to hear. She will teach you about prophecies.

Quest Notification.png Quest Complete

You have rescued Navali from the Faun and can now seek prophecies from her.

Quest rewards

Completing this quest does not have any item rewards. However, this quest must be done in order to unlock Navali in hideout and towns and must be done every new leagues.

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Prophecy system (previously a challenge league) has been added to the core game. You can now find Navali and rescue her in the Climb.
  • (Not in patch note) Introduced to the game.