Profane Proxy

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Profane Proxy
Unset Ring
Requires Level 52Has 1 Socket+3 to Level of Socketed Curse Gems
+(20-30)% to Cold Resistance
+(20-30)% to Lightning Resistance
Left Ring Slot: Your Chilling Skitterbot's Aura applies Socketed Hex Curse instead
Right Ring Slot: Your Shocking Skitterbot's Aura applies Socketed Hex Curse instead
The machines do not hate. They merely serve one who does.
Profane Proxy inventory icon.png
Purchase Costs
Unique8x Chaos Orb
Sell Price
6x Alchemy Shard
2x Alteration Shard
Item class: Rings

Profane Proxy is a unique Unset RingUnset RingRequires Level 5Has 1 Socket. It modified the function of Skitterbot from the Summon SkitterbotsSummon SkitterbotsTrap, Mine, Spell, Minion, Cold, Lightning, AoE, Aura
Mana Reserved: 35%
Can Store 1 Use(s)
Cooldown Time: 1.00 sec
Requires Level 16Summon a Chilling Skitterbot and a Shocking Skitterbot, which will trigger your traps and detonate your mines. Mines detonated by Skitterbots will re-arm and can then be detonated again. The Skitterbots grant you more trap and mine damage, and cannot be targeted or damaged.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent2% increased Minion Movement SpeedMinions have 1% increased Area of EffectMinions have 0.5% increased Effect of non-Damaging Ailments on EnemiesSkitterbots grant 10% more Trap and Mine Damage
Maximum 1 Summoned Skitterbot of each type
Shocking Skitterbot's Aura Shocks Enemies near it
Chilling Skitterbot's Aura Chills Enemies near it
Minions have (0-19)% increased Shock Effect
Minions have (0-19)% increased Chill Effect
(0-76)% increased Minion Movement Speed
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Summon Skitterbots skill icon.png
skill gem. Player can dual wield the ring in both slots to modify Shocking and Chilling Skitterbots at the same time.

Item acquisition

Upgrade paths

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

5The PenitentThe Penitent5Unset RingFirst, I gave my wealth, and we went hungry. Next, I gave my land, and we were homeless. Then, I gave my family, and I was alone. Last, I gave my eyes, and all I could dream was mine.random Unset RingAutomatic
5HubrisHubris5Ring"This one? It is NOT for sale. You would sooner pry it from my lifeless hand."
- Jonfé Darontos, Ringmaker
random RingAutomatic
7Blind VentureBlind Venture7Ring
"It's risky not knowing where your wares come from. That's why I source my own."
- Klayver, the Antiquarian
random corrupted RingAutomatic
8Arrogance of the VaalArrogance of the Vaal8Item
Discovery can lead to beauty, or it can lead to ruin.
random two-implicit corrupted itemAutomatic
4Jack in the BoxJack in the Box4ItemTurn the crank,
close your eyes,
and pray to the gods
for a pleasant surprise.
random itemAutomatic

Supporter attribution

Profane Proxy was created by supporter u/HyperSteveSteve.[1]

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now only causes socketed Hexes to be applied as an aura around your Skitterbot.
  • Introduced to the game.


  1. HyperSteveSteve (March 6, 2020). "The machines do not hate. They merely serve one who does.". Official Path of Exile subreddit. Retrieved May 20, 2020.