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[[Legius Tarhall]], unique blackguard duelist.
[[Legius Garhall]], unique blackguard duelist.
*Uses {{sl|Leap Slam}} which leaves burning ground
*Uses {{sl|Leap Slam}} which leaves burning ground
*Uses {{sl|Cleave}}
*Uses {{sl|Cleave}}

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Ramparts t6.png

Ramparts Map is a linear map that consists of two parts: a forest outside the walls and the ramparts.

Map type: Outdoors


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Boss Arena

Arena is a large room located at the end of the ramparts. Entrance seals when Legius Tarhall is engaged.


Legius Garhall, unique blackguard duelist.

This boss is accompanied by 2 Blackguard Inquisitors and 2 Blackguard Enforcers (unique spark mages and soldiers)

When you start the map with a Divine Vessel you can acquire a Captured Soul of Legius Garhall

Boss Video

Divination cards

The following divination cards can drop in this area:

Version history

Version Changes
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