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A Ritual Altar encountered within the Campaign.

A Ritual Altar will appear throughout the campaign and into Maps. The amount of Rituals that will appear in each instance will vary from one to four. They will be inactive until enough enemies are killed within the radius of the altar to activate it, and will gradually light up per enemy killed until fully activated.

The first ritual altar on a map will re-summon the enemies killed within the radius (while the ritual is not charged), and give you Tribute.

All remaining ritual altars will repeat this behaviour but with additional effects listed as the following:

  • Will re-summon all enemies that were killed while charging previous altars. This means that you can kill the same rares/unique monsters multiple times in the same map if they've been killed within the radius of that altar.
  • If a map boss is killed before all altars have been successfully completed, the altar will resummon them each time a new altar is activated.

Addtional Information

Small, moving blood pools will appear under killed enemies that count towards the ritual when activated. Luring faraway monsters into the circle will not add to the ritual encounter.


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