Saboteur (Ascendant passive)

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Ascendancy Passive Skill
Saboteur (Ascendants) passive skill icon.png
25% chance to Blind Enemies on Hit
Damage Penetrates 8% of Enemy Elemental Resistances
30% increased Area of Effect
Regenerate 2% of Life per second for each Mine Detonated Recently, up to 10% per second
Regenerate 2% of Life per Second for each Trap Triggered Recently, up to 10% per second [1]

Saboteur is an Ascendancy passive skill for the Ascendant based on the Saboteur Ascendancy class.

This skill grants increased area of effect, elemental penetration, a chance to blind on hit, and grants stacking life regeneration for each trap or mine you activated in the past 4 seconds.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now causes your damage to penetrate 8% of enemy elemental resistances (from 6%). You can now regenerate 1% of life per second for each mine detonated or trap triggered recently, up to 10% (from 20%).
  • Modifiers changed. Old mods are listed below:
    • Traps and Mine Damage Penetrates 6% Elemental Resistances
    • 20% chance to create a Smoke Cloud when you place a Mine or throw a Trap
    • 5% increased Damage for each Trap and Mine you have
    • 10% increased Movement Speed if you've placed a Mine or thrown a Trap Recently
  • Now grants 10% increased Movement Speed if you have placed a Mine or thrown a Trap recently, and Trap and Mine Damage Penetrate 6% Elemental Resistances.
  • It no longer grants 6% Elemental Resistance Penetration if you've detonated a Mine recently, or 20% increased Trap and Mine cooldown recovery speed.
  • Added to the game.