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Sanctum of Vitality
Upgrades toSanctum of Immortality
ArchitectGuatelitzi, Architect of Flesh
Heals monsters in the Temple.
Normal Monsters in this Area Regenerate 6% of Life per second
Magic Monsters in this Area Regenerate 4.5% of Life per second
Rare Monsters in this Area Regenerate 3% of Life per second
HealingRoom2 incursion room icon.png
Sons and daughters drowned in these waters.

Sanctum of Vitality is a tier 2 incursion room. It upgrades from Pools of Restoration and to Sanctum of Immortality.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Many rooms now provide Temple-wide bonuses for the present-day Temple of Atzoatl based on their tier. The following rooms now grant +1% to monster pack size, 2% increased quantity of items found and 4% increased rarity of items found per room tier: Trap Workshop, Armourer's Workshop, Sparring Room, Shrine of Empowerment, Pools of Restoration, Hatchery, Flame Workshop, Lightning Workshop
  • Introduced to the core game
  • Introduced to the game as league mechanics