Shield Crab

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Bestiary shield crab.jpg

Shield Crab is a type of beast that can be found from Act 1 onwards.


All varieties:

  • Resists Fire (75%)
  • Becomes Spitter upon death

Note: When Shield Crabs are spawned by strongboxes, the emerging Spitter does not count as one of the Strongbox monsters and will not prevent the box from opening. In Immolation modifier races or maps, the death explosion occurs on the death of the both the Shield Crab and the Spitter


Name Colour Location Special Attributes
Cave Crustacean Cyan The Submerged Passage Becomes Crustacean Sniper
Cave Crustacean Cyan The Flooded Depths Cold Damage, becomes Crustacean Sniper
Scrabbling Menace Brown The Cavern of Wrath Vulnerability on Hit, becomes Scrabbling Spitter


Version history

Version Changes
  • Shield Crabs should now always drop items when exploded, regardless of the source of the explosion.