Soul of Arakaali

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Soul of Arakaali
Soul of Arakaali
Location(s) The Temple of Decay Level 2

The Soul of Arakaali is a Major god within The Pantheon. It is automatically captured by Sin after the player kills Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows at the end of Act 7.


In order to upgrade Arakaali, players need to follow the upgrading guide and capture the following souls:

Soul of Arakaali.pngSoul of Arakaali5% reduced Damage taken from Damage Over Time
10% chance to Avoid Lightning Damage from Hits
Capture Queen of the Great Tangle in Jungle Valley Map
50% increased Recovery rate of Life and Energy Shield if you've stopped taking Damage Over Time Recently
Capture Gisale, Thought Thief in Scriptorium Map
30% reduced Effect of Shock on you
30% reduced Shock Duration on you
Capture Excellis Aurafix in Residence Map
+25% Chaos Resistance against Damage Over Time