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Page id
Abberath's Fury RepeatingShockwave
Accuracy and Attack Speed accuracy582
Accuracy and Attack Speed accuracy589
Accuracy and Critical Strike Chance accuracy1144
Accuracy and Critical Strike Chance accuracy1145
Accuracy and Critical Strike Chance accuracy198
Accuracy and Critical Strike Chance accuracy200
Accuracy and Critical Strike Chance accuracy586
Accuracy and Critical Strike Chance accuracy587
Accuracy and Elemental Resistances accuracy583
Accuracy and Elemental Resistances accuracy584
Acrobatics acrobatics1136
Acrobatics Improvement acrobatics_improvement1190
Acrobatics Improvement acrobatics_improvement1192
Acrobatics Improvement acrobatics_improvement1193
Acuity deadeye590
Adamant armour_guards_notable_2380
Adder's Touch adder's_touch443
Admonisher warcry_notable1
Adrenaline affliction_notable_adrenaline
Advance Guard affliction_notable_advance_guard
Aerialist affliction_notable_aerialist
Aggressive Bastion shield_damage_block_notable2553_
Agility agility834
Al-Hezmin, the Hunter Metadata/Monsters/AtlasExiles/AtlasExile3
Alacrity agility837
Alchemist affliction_notable_alchemist
Aligned Spirits minion_mana_notable2638
Ambidexterity ambidexterity623
Ambush and Assassinate AscendancyAssassin6
Amplify amplify379
Ancestral Bond number_of_totems_allowed1269
Ancestral Knowledge savant878
Animate Guardian's Weapon AnimateGuardianWeapon
Annihilation critical_strike_notable1641
Anointed Flesh ailmentres_notable2763
Antivenom affliction_notable_antivenom
Aqueous Accelerant mana_mana_flask_notable2644
Arcane Blessing AscendancyHeirophant14
Arcane Capacitor mana_arcane_surge_notable2590
Arcane Chemistry mana_flasks_notable1743
Arcane Expanse area_of_effect_notable2331
Arcane Focus arcane_focus735
Arcane Guarding shield_spells_and_blocknotable2324
Arcane Potency arcane_potency378
Arcane Swiftness shield_spells_avoid_and_block_notable2328
Arcane Vision light_radius_scales_with_es1545
Arcane Wake ArcaneWake
Arcane Will mana_and_mana_regen_notable2255
Arcanist's Dominion savant901
Arcing Blows arcing_blows210
Area of Effect (passive skill) area_of_effect_radius1060
Area of Effect (passive skill) area_of_effect_radius1061
Area of Effect (passive skill) area_of_effect_radius1062
Area of Effect (passive skill) area_of_effect_radius1170
Area of Effect (passive skill) area_of_effect_radius1171
Area of Effect (passive skill) area_of_effect_radius380
Area of Effect (passive skill) area_of_effect_radius382
Area of Effect Damage area_damage_2224
Area of Effect Damage area_of_effect_radius381
Area of Effect in Sand Stance and Damage in Blood Stance stances2757
Arena Challenger AscendancyGladiator14
Armour (passive skill) affliction_armour
Armour (passive skill) armour_endurance_charge2373
Armour (passive skill) armour_endurance_charge2375_
Armour (passive skill) armour1948
Armour (passive skill) armour2023
Armour (passive skill) armour2024
Armour and Elemental Resistances armour90
Armour and Elemental Resistances armour91
Armour and Elemental Resistances armour92
Armour and Elemental Resistances armour93
Armour and Energy Shield armour_and_energy_shield1178
Armour and Energy Shield armour_and_energy_shield1447
Armour and Energy Shield armour_and_energy_shield1448
Armour and Energy Shield armour_and_energy_shield1449
Armour and Energy Shield armour_and_energy_shield1450
Armour and Energy Shield, Aura Effect AscendancyGuardian6
Armour and Energy Shield, Aura Effect AscendancyGuardian9
Armour and Energy Shield, Block Chance AscendancyGuardian1
Armour and Energy Shield, Charge Duration AscendancyGuardian8
Armour and Energy Shield, Life Regeneration AscendancyGuardian5
Armour and Energy Shield, Minion Damage AscendancyGuardian13
Armour and Energy Shield, Minion Damage AscendancyGuardian15
Armour and Energy Shield, Warcry Duration AscendancyGuardian7
Armour and Evasion armour_and_evasion1453
Armour and Evasion armour_and_evasion1454
Armour and Evasion melee_evasion2028
Armour and Evasion, Attack Damage AscendancyChampion6
Armour and Evasion, Aura Effect AscendancyChampion5
Armour and Evasion, Fortify Effect AscendancyChampion3
Armour and Evasion, Fortify Effect AscendancyChampion4
Armour and Evasion, Impale Effect AscendancyChampion13
Armour and Evasion, Taunt Duration AscendancyChampion1
Armour and Evasion, Taunt Duration AscendancyChampion2
Armour and Life Regeneration armour_life_regen1771
Armour, Attack Speed AscendancyJuggernaut3
Armour, Endurance Charge Duration AscendancyJuggernaut1
Armour, Endurance Charge Duration AscendancyJuggernaut2
Armour, Evasion and Life armour_evasion_life1850