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Hello. I made changes in mediawiki (russian), just like you did, but for some reason the main page doesn't look right. What could I have done wrong? As if "MediaWiki:Gadget-sitewide-styles.css" is not perceived. Path_of_Exile_Wiki

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What I'm doing right now is going through the stylesheets and removing anything that doesn't need to be there. We might be switching to FandomMobile some time soon, and we don't know exactly what that will entail, so I'll eventually be modifying the stylesheets again. What I'm hoping for with FandomMobile is that we will have a way to serve a stylesheet to both desktop and mobile, so that we don't have so much duplication. At the moment, I'm doing so using the Gadgets extension, but that will have to change when we switch to FandomMobile, because Gadgets will be suppressed on the mobile view according to that article.

The Gadgets extension does not appear to be installed on the Russian wiki, which is probably why your changes aren't working. You could try asking Pcj about that, but like I said, things are going to be changing again in the near future anyway, so for now you might just want to revert the stylesheets to how they were set up before.

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Thank you for the extended answer. I knew something important was missing.