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The '''Breachlords''' are five endgame bosses, located inside the five types of [[Breach]]es. Each Breachlord can be battled in its own ''domain'', a map area only accessible by activating the corresponding [[Breachstone]] in the [[map device]]. Breachlords havedrop exclusive itemunique dropsitems. andKilling them areis the only way to obtainacquire [[SplinterBlessing]]s. When inside the Breachlord's domain, the player must fight their way through a breach while a timer counts down. Killing enemies will expand the timer. If the timer reaches zero, the stage ends and the player will be unable to encounter the Breachlord.
The five ==Breachlords are:==
* [[Xoph, Dark Embers]] (level 70)
* [[Uul-Netol, Unburdened Flesh]] (level 75)
* [[Chayula, Who Dreamt]] (level 80)
== Version History ==
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{{Version history table row|2.5.0}}
* Introduced to the game.
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