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Replacing sl with il
I want to write "Lesser/Greater Multiple Projectiles" where "Lesser" links to LMP and "Greater Multiple Projectiles" links to GMP.
test 1. {{slil|Lesser Multiple Projectiles|Lesser}}/{{slil|Greater Multiple Projectiles}}
test 2. {{slil|Lesser|Lesser Multiple Projectiles}}/{{slil|Greater Multiple Projectiles}}
I want to link to [[Multiple Projectiles]] but show it as if it were a green skill gem. (when it's really a group of two)
test 3. {{slil|Multiple Projectiles}}
I find the gem icon handy to indicate the link is about a skill, which is valid in both these cases. Though I'm not sure which is better, since an {{slil|Uber Multiple Projectiles}} may be added in the future making all references in the first style need updating. Maybe this is unlikely. I certainly like linking to both rather than a page which only displays two links.
-[[User:AnnanFay|AnnanFay]] ([[User talk:AnnanFay|talk]]) 20:18, 24 February 2013 (UTC)

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