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Passive Skill:Two~handed~weapon~damage1772

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|stat1_id = two_handed_melee_physical_damage_+%
|stat1_value = 12
|stat2_id = attack_ailment_damage_two_handed_melee_weapon_ailment_damage_+%_while_wielding_two_handed_weapon
|stat2_value = 12
|stat3_id = life_leech_speed_+%
|stat3_value = 25
|stat_text = 12% increased [[Physical Damage]] with [[Two Handed Melee Weapons]]<br>12% increased Damage with Ailments from [[Attack|Attacks]] with [[Skill|SkillsTwo Handed Melee Weapons]] whiledeal wielding12% aincreased TwoDamage Handedwith WeaponAilments<br>25% increased total Recovery per second from [[Life]] [[Leech]]
|connections = two_hand_damage_notable1733,two_handed_weapon_damage604

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