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Lua error in Module:Item2/core at line 517: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). This map is based on the Dark Forest zone in Act 2.

Features moderately open areas broken up by large patches of impassable forest. There are plenty of narrow areas to use to avoid being surrounded, but few strong choke points. A road runs through the area, with potential for branching, and one branch of it ends in a bandit encampment containing the boss.

Map Type: Outdoors

Boss: The Blacksmith (based on Hillock. Please be aware that after the Blacksmith gets enraged, he will start using leap slam attack. The boss area is devoid of other monsters and has plenty of room, so if you have any ability to kite he's a trivial fight).

Vendor: Can be crafted by selling three level 68 Spider Lair maps to the vendor; 3 Spider Forest maps (level 69) yields 1 Graveyard map (level 70).