Spiritual Command

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Spiritual Command
Notable Passive Skill
SpiritualCommand passive skill icon.png
Minions have 8% increased Attack Speed
20% increased Minion Accuracy Rating
Increases and Reductions to Minion Attack Speed also affect you
Minions have 8% increased Cast Speed [1]

Spiritual Command is a notable passive skill that grants increased accuracy rating, increased attack speed and increased cast speed for minions. The character is also affected by increases and reductions to Minion Attack Speed.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Can also be anointed.
  • The Puppet Master and Herd the Flock minion clusters immediately north of the Templar start have been renamed to Sacrifice and Spiritual Command.
  • The Spiritual Command cluster now grants a total of 43% increased Minion Damage, 7% increased Attack Speed for minions, 7% increased Cast Speed for Minions, and 40% increased Minion Accuracy Rating. The notable also causes increases and reductions to Minion Attack Speed to also affect you. These benefits are split across 3 small passives and a notable. The additional Zombie from this notable has been moved to Grave Intentions.
  • Herd the Flock no longer grants +1 skeleton.
  • (Undocumented) renamed to Herd the Flock, previously Grave Expectations
  • (Undocumented) Increased Elemental Resistances added to the Notable
  • Introduced the game.