Split Arrow

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Split ArrowAttack, Projectile, Physical, Bow
Mana Cost: (6-10)
Cast Time: 1.00 sec
Projectile Speed: 3260
Fires multiple arrows at different targets.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent0.5% increased Attack SpeedFires an additional Arrow1% increased DamageDeals (100-119)% of Base Attack Damage
Fires (4-8) additional Arrows
(1-56) to (2-85) Added Attack Physical Damage
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Split Arrow skill icon.pngSplit Arrow inventory icon.png
Level: 5
Purchase Costs
Normal1x Scroll of Wisdom
Sell Price
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Active Skill Gems
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Gems/SkillGemSplitArrow

Split Arrow skill screenshot.jpg

Split Arrow is a ranged attack skill, firing multiple arrows in a spread pattern.

Skill functions and interactions

Additional Projectiles: Like all bow attacks which fire more than one projectile simultaneously, a single enemy cannot be hit by more than one projectile per attack. If multiple arrows are on course to impact any given monster, all but one will ignore that monster and travel past to potentially hit enemies behind the first one encountered.

Arrow Spread: The angular spread of Split Arrow's projectiles can be controlled by aiming closer to or farther away from the player. The spread will be smaller when aiming further away and larger when aiming closer.

Gem level progression

Exp.Total Exp.
1106100%100%41 to 200
2206101%101%42 to 37070
34166102%102%42 to 3308378
47227103%103%53 to 41,5541,932
511317104%104%54 to 66,6678,599
616417105%105%55 to 826,04734,646
720507106%106%57 to 1049,72584,371
824588107%107%68 to 1295,714180,085
928678108%108%610 to 15169,595349,680
1032758109%109%612 to 18283,759633,439
1136838110%110%615 to 22453,9961,087,435
1240928111%111%718 to 26703,1281,790,563
13441009112%112%721 to 311,061,2232,851,786
14481099113%113%725 to 372,065,8704,917,656
15521179114%114%729 to 432,507,1107,424,766
16561259115%115%734 to 505,798,93613,223,702
17601349116%116%839 to 5915,083,91928,307,621
186414210117%117%845 to 6827,792,73556,100,356
196714810118%118%851 to 7643,869,73999,970,095
207015510119%119%856 to 85242,081,556342,051,651
217215910120%120%960 to 91N/AN/A
2274N/A10121%121%965 to 97N/AN/A
2376N/A11122%122%970 to 104N/AN/A
2478N/A11123%123%975 to 112N/AN/A
2580N/A11124%124%1080 to 120N/AN/A
2682N/A11125%125%1085 to 128N/AN/A
2784N/A11126%126%1091 to 137N/AN/A
2886N/A12127%127%1098 to 147N/AN/A
2988N/A12128%128%10105 to 157N/AN/A
3090N/A12129%129%11112 to 168N/AN/A
3191N/A12130%129.5%11115 to 173N/AN/A
3292N/A12130%130%11119 to 179N/AN/A
3393N/A13131%130.5%11123 to 185N/AN/A
3494N/A13131%131%11127 to 191N/AN/A
3595N/A13132%131.5%11132 to 197N/AN/A
3696N/A13132%132%11136 to 204N/AN/A
3797N/A13133%132.5%12140 to 211N/AN/A
3898N/A14133%133%12145 to 218N/AN/A
3999N/A14134%133.5%12150 to 225N/AN/A
40100N/A14134%134%12155 to 232N/AN/A

Item acquisition

Upgrade paths

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

6The FoxThe Fox6Level 20 Gem"Masters of wit, strength and cunning. To survive the harsh winters, you must be like the fox."
- Ezomyte Proverb
random level 20 gemAutomatic
3Gemcutter's PromiseGemcutter's Promise3Superior Gem
Quality: +20%
"I swore to use my position to help the people. What good is power when it just accumulates on the already-powerful?" - Erasmus, Imperial Gemcutter
random superior gem (Q20)Automatic

Quest reward

This item is given as a quest reward for the following quests:

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
Enemy at the Gate
Act 1

Vendor reward

This item can be bought at the listed NPC vendors, after completing the following quests:

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
Enemy at the Gate
Act 1
A Fixture of Fate
Act 3
Fallen from Grace
Act 6
Lilly Roth

Related helmet enchantments

The following helmet enchantments affect Split Arrow.

NameFor generated item/monster modifiers the minimum item/monster level respectively. Some generation types may not require this condition to be met, however item level restrictions may be raised to 80% of this value.StatsSpawn Weighting
Enchantment Split Arrow Critical Strike Chance 16660% increased Split Arrow Critical Strike Chancehelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Split Arrow Critical Strike Chance 27590% increased Split Arrow Critical Strike Chancehelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Split Arrow Damage 16625% increased Split Arrow Damagehelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Split Arrow Damage 27540% increased Split Arrow Damagehelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Split Arrow Num Of Additional Projectiles 166Split Arrow fires 2 additional Projectileshelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Split Arrow Num Of Additional Projectiles 275Split Arrow fires 3 additional Projectileshelmet 100
default 0

Alternate skill effects

Split Arrow has the following alternate skill effects:

Demonic Split Arrow EffectDemonic Split Arrow EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Split Arrow becomes a demonic effect.Your Split Arrow becomes a demonic effect.
Verdant Split Arrow EffectVerdant Split Arrow EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Split Arrow becomes a verdant effect.Your Split Arrow becomes a verdant effect.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now adds 1 to 2 Attack Physical Damage at gem level 1, up to 56 to 85 at gem level 20.
  • Now deals 100% of base damage at gem level 1 (from 90%), up to 119% at gem level 20 (from 109%).
  • Now fires additional arrows as the gem levels up, up to 8 additional arrows at gem level 20 (from 6).
  • The number of additional arrows that Split Arrow grants at level 20 has been reduced from 8 to 6. It still starts at four additional arrows at level 1, with the levels in between interpolated.
  • Fires 4 additional projectiles at level 1 (up from 2 additional) and fires one additional projectile every 4 gem levels.
  • Base Damage has been increased from 80% to 90%. Instead of gaining 3% Physical Damage per level, Split Arrow now gains 1% Base Damage per level.
  • (PVP) Split Arrow damage has been increased by 10%.
  • Reduced the mana cost.
  • Is now player level 1 (was 4).
  • Damage modifiers are now factored into Damage Effectiveness rather than being listed as separate stats.
  • From 1% attack speed per quality point to 0.35%.
  • Fixed a bug where firing a Split Arrow when you are out of mana would not correctly fall back to a normal attack.
  • Reduced the mana cost so that it increases by 3 per arrow rather than by 6.
  • Mana costs increased based on number of arrows.
  • Fixed a bug that caused damage bonuses to not appear
  • Increased damage by raising its flat damage penalty from -30% to -20%.
  • Split Arrow now fires additional arrows at higher levels.
  • Increased Split Arrow damage.
  • Added Split Arrow skill