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A stone altar in The Ledge

In the Talisman leagues, Stone Altars could be found throughout Wraeclast. At these altars, the player could sacrifice sets of five different talismans of the same tier to summon a monster possessed by a higher-tier Talisman. The rarity of the output Talisman was selected at random from the five input ones (i.e. if the player puts three magic, one unique and one normal talisman into the stone altar, the resulting talisman will have 60% chance to be magic, 20% chance to be unique and 20% chance to be normal).

If the player used five third-tier Talismans at a stone altar, it summoned a portal to an area where Rigwald, the Wolven King could be fought.

After the Talisman league ended, Stone Altars were not added to the core game. Currently they are not implemented but may make a return in the future.[1]

Spawn Locations

They had a 100% chance to spawn in the Western Forest, the Hedge Maze, and the Dried Lake. The Ledge had a 100% chance to spawn one in Cruel and Merciless. The Imperial Gardens had a 60% chance. The Dread Thicket was 50%. Kaom's Dream and Stronghold had a 35% chance. The Belly of the Beast areas had a 20% chance in Normal, up to 30% in Merciless. All non-unique maps had a 35% chance to spawn a stone altar as well. Stone altars could spawn also in other areas, but not too often.

Item level

The item level of talismans obtained from stone altars was an average of the five talismans used, where the the lowest-level talisman was counted once, the highest-level talisman was counted three times, and the middle three talismans were counted twice. The summoned monsters are the same level as the resultant talisman that the player should get from using the altar. That means using high-level talismans in a low-level area on a low-level character is ill-advised.

The level of the stone altar's area mattered only if the talismans used resulted in a talisman lower than the level of the area. In this case, the monsters summoned from the stone altar will match the level of the area, rather than the level of the talisman. This does not cause them to drop higher level Talismans than they otherwise would have.[2]


When a stone altar was activated with tier 1 or 2 talismans, groups of monsters would appear from among the following:

For tier 1 talismans, one of these monsters would be possessed by the tier 2 talisman. For tier 2 talismans, a random unique monster would be holding the tier 3 talisman:


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