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Swift Skewering
Notable Passive Skill
ImpaleNotable1 passive skill icon.png
15% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks
15% increased Attack Physical Damage
5% increased Attack Speed
Impale Damage dealt to Enemies Impaled by you Overwhelms 10% Physical Damage Reduction [1]

Swift Skewering is a notable passive skill that grants increased attack speed and attack physical damage, as well as a chance to impale enemies on hit with attacks. It also grants reduced enemy physical damage reduction against impale hits.

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Swift Skewering cluster now consists of two branches (rather than a full loop). It now has a second notable, Blade Sovereign, which causes Call of Steel to have +4 to maximum Steel Shards, 30% increased Use Speed and deal 10% increased Reflected Damage. The small passive leading to Blade Sovereign grants Call of Steel 15% increased Use Speed and causes it to deal Reflected Damage with 15% increased Area of Effect. This small passive replaces one that previously granted 5% increased Impale effect.
  • Added a new stat: Enemies you Impale have -X% to Total Physical Damage Reduction against Impale Hits. This has been added to the Forceful Skewering and Swift Skewering clusters.
  • Introduced to the game